Gerold Dompig: The dog and pony show continues in Aruba


And now for our next attraction

Dompig ringmaster

The dog and pony show put on by ALE ranks up there with Barnum and Bailey’s

Greatest Show On Earth. The newest less-than-timely act is the KLPD trained dogs bit.

Jet fighter planes in the sky were thrilling also. (Vanderbilt – ‘06)

After three months since a credible tip came in the dunes will be searched. After turning down help from the FBI for dogs and radar equipment Dompig now has some of the help in place. After turning down free help months ago from Texas EquuSearch Dompig is ready to search.

So why the delay? The reason for the delay cannot be because there is a lot of sand to search. That excuse does not work when the equipment is not even in Aruba to conduct a search. It is used after the help has arrived and to explain why a search being conducted has not yet been finished.

What will be the next attraction in this three ring circus?



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