Natalee Holloway Investigation: Back To the Sand Dunes … Finally


So Aruban officials are finally going to search the sand dunes. What exactly has taken them this long? Unfortunately the discussion of searching the dunes has become Sand dunesnothing more than a joke. One wonders what issues does Aruba and the ALE have in searching this area. They were first offered help from the FBI. Then they were offered help from Texas EquuSearch. They turned down TES and made it impossible for the FBI to help.

Lets look at the time line of events with the sand dunes and the lack of any progress or desperation to search this area in any timely manner, even though they claim they have credible information. Does everyone realize it has been since January 17 since the ALE searched this area?

January 14, 2006: Tim Miller and Jim Whitaker.go to Aruba to discuss water search

January 16, 2006: Tim Miller get green light from Dompig to resume search for Natalee Holloway in the water.

Jannuary 17, 2006: New search at sand dunes begin near the California Lighthouse


The policemen used sticks with an iron ends to prick the sand, hoping in vain to stumble across something.

More than 50 police officers began searching a 1-square-mile area on Monday, said Gerold Dompig, Aruba’s chief of police. The search was suspended Tuesday.

January 19, 2006: Rita Cosby ‘Live & Direct’, New leads discovered bring ALE back to the Sand Dunes.

The island’s deputy police chief now says credible information lead to this latest hunt for clues. These sand dunes could be the very last place where Natalee Holloway was seen alive by three young men previously held by Aruban authorities in her disappearance.

JOSSY MANSUR, “DIARIO” NEWSPAPER: The tip hasn’t been revealed to us. There is a tip that one witness gave to the police that started this whole search at the area of the dunes. They have been searching yesterday. I think they were searching today. They still have about 20 more hours of searches to do.

January 22, 2006: FBI not bringing Search Dogs to Aruba

The reason for the FBI refuses because the Aruban police won’t say who Bruce & Ebby Dunes 2tipped them off to start searching the dune two weeks ago“.

The roller-coaster ride that is the Natalee Holloway investigation continues. As reported last night on ‘Rita Cosby, ‘Live & Direct’, in an interview with Beth Twitty and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch; the FBI is refusing to send cadaver dogs to Aruban to help in the latest search of the sand dunes.


January 30, 2006: Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch offers cadaver dogs and  ground penetration equipment to Aruba in two weeks.

Now on the land, I told Dompig I hope you find her before we go in the Bruce & Ebby Duneswater. I told him to take dogs and offered the ground penetration equip at no cost to Aruba. we are going to do the sea, we will help free of cost for the land search.. we just want Natalee home.

Ground penetration equipment , I am willing to put rep on the line, in two days most if she is there, she will be found with this equipment. It will show a body under the sand, it works like a sonar on the water. The resources are there free of cost. There may be a conflict with FBI with taking somethings over there.

Aruba’s response was, … “we will get back to you”.

February 17, 2006: Is there a New Witness knows where Natalee is Buried?SM California Lighthouse

Another witness has given a statement concerning three suspects which have been considered as the last with Natalee Holloway in the night of her disappearance. It concerns Joran Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers. Chief Dompig is certain that Holloway died during the trip with these three and afterwards was buried. He believes they were aided by others. As a result of the depositions the police force starts within two weeks with bloodhounds from the Netherlands and earlier not yet used ground radar equipment a search operation in the area where Holloway was last seen.

February 28, 2006: Dompig Says No To Texas EquuSearch’s Plan to Search Dunes

SM Dunes

March 15, 2006: Searchers are reportedly in Aruba but have not yet begun to search.

As of the weekend when this was reported by Aruba media that a US search team SM Dunes 2was going to Aruba that was not Texas EquuSearch; Beth Twitty had no idea who it was.

As of 4:00pm today, Dave Holloway had no idea other than rumor and speculation who the search team was that would look for his daughter, Natalee Holloway.

Nearly two months after the ALE made such an issue over the importance of searching the sand dunes for one day … they are now going to follow up on that credible information.

Ever wonder why there is a problem with this investigation and why a family and so many others are so upset. Look no further. Of course one really wonders why Aruba did not let people willing to search nearly eight weeks ago on a credible tip sooner. Of course the sand dunes are located near another area that has been widely speculated about.

SM Dunes and Aru-bay rocks

SM Dunes and Painted Rock






SM Dunes and Aru-bay rocks  2

(Hat Tip: Bonsai)


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