Aruba (Dengue): “How can people understand the seriousness … if they are not informed?”



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Here are words that describe many situations, “How can people understand the seriousness of the situation if they are not informed about it?” (MPA)


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    2 Responses to “Aruba (Dengue): “How can people understand the seriousness … if they are not informed?””

    1. LilPuma on December 11th, 2007 11:59 am

      There’s nothing safe about One Happy Island, although they tried to distinguish themselves with the “safe” campaign for years. Does safe include traffic accidents? There seem to be in inordinate amount of them in Aruba. Dengue fever? If I go to Oaxaca, I know I need malaria pills. Will Aruba be honest with tourists about precautions needed in Aruba? If I’m robbed in Ottawa, I can call police and feel confident in getting help. If I’m robbed in Aruba, will evidence be collected or will I be sent home while Arubans say I was drunk? If we say that Aruba has corruption and organized crime, we are told that Americans use Aruba’s banking system to hide money. Americans buy the drugs that run through Aruba. Aruba takes responsibility for nothing. If you have a problem there, YOU WILL BE BLAMED. Go elsewhere.

    2. John on January 19th, 2008 10:01 am

      Dengue isnt an Arubian problem, it comes with living in the tropics. And if you, LilPuma, want to bitch about aruba, why dont you start by looking everywhere else. Crime doesnt just happened in aruba, Ive been in new york, and have been mugged, did the police find anything? no, did the police collect evidence? no, and aruba is preti safe,its just, lots of tourist ive meet, think they will do things here that they wouldnt in their own place, like getting in cars with strangers while being drunk, so please miss LilPuma, if you want to judge aruba, i hope ur homeland is safe from crime, or else, that just makes you an hypocrite, americans should be used to that word anywais :)

      Sincerly John

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