GMA Agree to Stringent Conditions from Van der Sloots to get Interview


Shame on you Good Morning America. Not only did you shamelessly publicize your two part so-called interview during the Super Bowl without ever contacting the family to give them a heads up, you also did this interview under stringent conditions in an obvious attempt to bring nothing new to the table other that a rating coup.

Well that explains why the two part interviewed that GMA showed Monday and Tuesday was some of the biggest garbage that has been done on the Natalee Holloway case since the inception. Shame on GMA for strictly doing this just for the ratings. Obviously news shows cover the Natalee Holloway story not just for the benevolent factor, no one believes that. However, normally when covering missing persons stories there is a win-win scenario. In your case, GMA, strictly did this interview for the ratings as they agreed to so many stringent conditions that the interview turned into a Vander-mercial.

From Aruba the Truth, yes that is right, Aruba the Truth hammers the Van der Sloots and GMA for the interview.

The highly promoted interview with Paulus and Anita van der Sloot brought nothing new to the investigation of their son Joran’s involvement in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. In fact, ABC’s Good Morning America had to agree to enough stringent conditions in the interview that it could only be what it was, a parents’ support of their son.

The family has always contended that Joran’s only flaw was leaving Natalee, alive he said, on the beach that fateful night. So they had an opportunity to repeat that to a national audience, after being promoted in a Super Bowl promotion. ABC never intended to make news with the interview, only to drive an audience to the Good Morning America program at the start of their February rating period.

(Lets just hope Aruba the Truth does not make another retraction and rease this post as they have done previously.)

The GMA/Van der Sloot interview also had the audacity to go after the MSM that covered the Natalee Holloway disappearance like Greta Van Susteren. GMA, at least Greta covers the case when its not sweeps week. So do the others like Joe Scarborough, Nancy Grace, Rita Cosby and Dan Abrams. When Greta was asked by her viewers as to what she thought of the interview and comments made pertaining to her, Greta took the high road as usual. (see E-mail No. 3 & 4)

I guess it comes now as no wonder why simple facts of the Natalee Holloway case seemed to be over looked and revisionist Van der Sloot history was added in their place. There is one thing that I will disagree with the Aruba the Truth article. I do not believe that this was a win for GMA or the Van der Sloots because of it being a ratings grabber.

In sum, a ratings grabber used to good advantage by both ABC and the van der Sloots. But, it brought nothing new to the understanding of what happened the night she disappeared.

Just the opposite. People who follow this case do not take kindly to frauds being perpetrated upon them. Most knew this was a puff piece after watching it for two minutes. The fact that ABC and GMA decided to do ratings over credibility may help them in the short run, but people (viewers) do not forget. A short term gain at the risk of long term visions is hardly an intelligent way to run anything.

As for the Van der Sloots, this proved something many of us have known for a long time and many, including the citizens in Aruba and those at Aruba the Truth, have known but were in denial. The Van der Sloots do not want to be up front and honest about what had transpired. Their son Joran dodged thecitizens voluntary interview with the Aruban Prosecutors Office over Christmas. Paul and Anita Van der Sloot agree to do an interview according to Aruba the Truth, because they made do many stipulations that nothing of any importants or relevance would ever be said. This does not help the Van der Sloot position; it makes it look even worse than it did prior to the interview. It plays in to the hands that they are not being honest, that they are covering up and that they refuse to just have an open conversation regarding the real events and what they know in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

The shame is that GMA and the Van der Sloots tried to pass off this interview as some form of rehabilitation of them and their son Joran. Oh woe, look at us, we are victims. The only people that are victims are Natalee Holloway, her family and the Aruban people that feel the need and obligation to back this family. I truly hope that Arubans see that they are being played just as much as the family is by the Van der Sloots. We can only surmise that Aruba the Truth saw it by their scathing article toward the Van der Sloots and GMA. Aruba the Truth has defended the Van der Sloots from the outset. Is there trouble in paradise? Is Aruba now questioning the timing of the Van der Sloot interview as we have. Now maybe they will question them in full.

To Good Morning America you should be ashamed of yourselves for selling your journalistic ethics down the drain just for a ratings interview. Next time you pull such a stunt maybe you can provide a disclaimer that this is an infomercial and all participating are just actors.

For anyone that cares to they can let GMA know how they feel. Email

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