Joran Van der Sloots Interview on NOVA; The ever changing story


Earlier today Joran Van der Sloot did an interview with NOVA. What do you know, Nova JVDSbut the story has changed again. One really wonders why anyone interviews Joran Van der Sloot as there is a different version of events each time.

The latest version of events from Joran Van der Sloot is that Satish Kalpoe picked him up from the beach after he left Natalee Holloway there. Go to the Joran Van der Sloot blog for updates and details of the interview. Joran is also stating that he was roughed up by customs officials at Kennedy Airport. Joran, how many versions of this story are you going to tell?

It is becoming rather evident by the “ever changing stories” that Joran Van der Sloot is telling that he and his family may have to rethink a book or movie deal. The only thing that may make sense is an interactive video game with 1000′s a possible stories and outcomes.

Shame on any network or media outlet that would interview him and not hold his feet to the fire to the multiple stories he has told. This has become nothing more than a joke to this child and we can only hope that ABC actually did a responsible interview. So more for you exclusive interview you were most likely promised by the Van der Sloots as NOVA seems to have beat you to the punch. Then again ABC, his stories do seem to change rather often.

Satish Kalpoe, how do you feel this evening as Joran Van der Sloot has thrown you under the perverbial bus? Suddenly Joran Van der Sloot went from walking home to being picked up by Sataish at the beach and dropped off? Wasn’t it too long ago that we were told that Joran texted messaged Deepak to tell him he got home ok? Why would he have had to if Satish dropped him off at his house?

Hey Kalpoes, when are you two going to wake up and realize you are being sold down the river by your buddy? What story are we supposed to believe today? One needs a play book to figure out which story and series of events we need to follow.

Coming soon to a video game store near you … Joran’s, Deepak’ and Satish’s Excellent Ever Changing Adventure/Tragedy. Hmmm, the plot sounds strikingly familar. Buy it soon before the story changes again

History is about to be rewritten by two (3) guys who can’t spell…



(Plane rendering: Klaasend)

Also, it is being reported that the Van der Sloots have left NYC.


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