Beth Twitty on Live & Direct (1/24/06), “I hope this is so warranted to subject them to this again, Rita”


Rita Cosby, Live & Direct: January 24, 2006

So why are Aruban investigators coming to Alabama? As you heard from Mike, we have Natalee’s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty. Beth, what’s your reaction to what’s happening now?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY’S MOTHER: Well, you know, I—we’ve know that they were trying to arrange this for some time now. Looks like they’ve made it happen. And you know, I think what they’re trying to do is just close some holes in some of the statements that they’ve said that some of the students gave.

But you know, Rita, all along, I think they’ve had all the information that they’ve needed to go forward and press charges against these individuals. I mean, they knew the condition Natalee was in. They have admissions of the suspects to sexual assaults they committed against her. But you know, if they feel that this is the last necessary step in order to firm up the foundation to proceed forward, then, you know, the students have always been willing to come forward and help.

COSBY: What do you think they could say? Is there something that maybe, you know, talking to them face to face, that they could glean that they didn’t get? I understand all the other ones, Beth, were done over the phone before.

TWITTY: You know, Rita, I don’t have any idea. I really think that they’ve had all the information that they’ve needed all along. But you know, if they think they need to wrap up two or three more issues concerning that last night at Carlos and Charlie’s, then so do it and then let’s move on. And you know, Congressman Bachus is optimistic that once they take these necessary steps that they feel they have to, that they are just laying a firmer foundation to proceed forward in the investigation that could lead to a prosecution. So just going to have to believe that that is what’s going to happen.

COSBY: Bet, what did these students tell you? I’m sure you’ve talked to them, you know, since everything happened with Natalee. What have they said in terms of what her state of mind was, what they saw with Joran, what they saw with Deepak that night?

TWITTY: Well, as far as Natalee’s state of mind, Rita, I think it’s been clear since the beginning. We knew that there was a lot—you know, they were drinking, of course, and everyone knew the condition that Natalee was in when these suspects took her. And you know, they’ve never tried to hide anything like that. And I know it was very chaotic that night when they were leaving Carlos and Charlie’s.

And secondly, Joran Van Der Sloot really befriended these kids. I mean, he was among them for a period of two days, you know, in the casinos with them, in Carlos and Charlie’s with them. So you know, they really have—you know, he really not only took Natalee, but I mean, he took the entire group. And you know, he robbed them of everything that is dear to them, Rita.

COSBY: Where are these investigations going to take place, Beth? I understand different colleges, right, because they’re in several places.

TWITTY: Right. There are four different universities, I believe, that they will be travelling to. And you know, I think that the interviews are going well with the students. Like I said, they’ve always been willing to do whatever they can, Rita. They, too, need a resolution in this. And you know, they’re just ready to do anything the officials ask of them. And hopefully, we can put this to rest and then move forward in the investigation with the suspects.

COSBY: You bet. You know, (INAUDIBLE) you also heard about chaperones, Beth, early on. Do we know some of the adults who were down there? Are they going to be requestioned again?

TWITTY: I have not heard anything about the chaperones being questioned, just some select students that I think were there probably around closing time at Carlos and Charlie’s.

COSBY: You know, how do you students feel, Beth? I mean, is it—do you feel comfortable that they are being questioned again? Do you think it’s fair that they have to go through this again? Don’t you think they should be looking elsewhere?

TWITTY: Well, Rita, what concerns me is I hate to subject these young

these young students to, you know, reopening these wounds again, you know, eight months later. I can’t imagine the officials not just having—

I mean, they just—I hope this is so warranted to subject them to this again, Rita. I just—you know, I have to believe that. I can’t imagine dragging them back through this without really knowing that it’s going to lead towards firming up this investigation and going after the true suspects, Rita. It has to.

COSBY: And do you have any sense that they are closer? I know that they’re doing these searches at the sand dunes. Do you get any sense that they’ve got something that they’re holding onto and that this might be a final little piece of the puzzle, we all pray?

TWITTY: Well, you know, I really—you know, I just have to remain so guarded. I know that Congressman Bachus, though, is—he is very optimistic, though, that, you know, something will come out of this, that they just need to wrap up a few issues in order to proceed further in the investigation. And I believe there were one if not two witnesses that came forward with some information that warranted the search of the sand dunes. So it looks like things are moving and—you know, but again, I just try to remain so guarded, Rita.

COSBY: I can understand why. You know, Beth, are they keeping you informed, Aruban investigators? Are they doing a better job of at least letting you know where things stand?

TWITTY: Well, I’ve turned all that over to John Quinlan (ph) Kelly. You know, he is the one who receives all the communication now from the prosecuting attorney and the chief of police, and you know, he updates me as necessary. And you know, I am just not, you know, trying to make—I’m not initiating any of those contacts. I’m just relying on him to, you know, bridge that communication for us and just keep us aware of what’s going on.

COSBY: And Beth, are investigators going to be talking to you in the States? And are you going to be sitting in on any of these interviews?

TWITTY: Oh, no, I won’t be involved in them at all, Rita. And you know, it’s just not necessary for me to be there. The FBI is there with the students and with the Aruban officials, so I feel good about that. And I know that it’s being handled through the proper chain of command with the FBI there.

COSBY: I’m glad to see at least they’re doing something, Beth. Thank you very much. We appreciate you being on with us and hope that they do get some resolution coming up soon. Thank you.

TWITTY: Thank you.

COSBY: Thanks.

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