On The Record with Tim Miller, Beth Twitty and Beth’s Private Notes


A little from Greta in a summary of events from Greta Van Susteren, “On The Record”:

Police got a tip that sent them to the Dunes.

Julian Renfro on phone.

Authorities did receive tip which lead them right back to the lighthouse. They will continue the same search tomorrow.

Greta asked any search of urgency. She said about 50 officers with police academy cadets. Greta asked did you get the idea that it was a grid search Julia said absolutely. Pretty much standing in line. She said it seams it was like in October that they were doing searches there as well. Dompig was there with the entire detective team.

Tim Miller is on the Phone and got the green light on everything. Wants to keep planning to bring stuff over there. Was very pleased with the meeting today. Were searches different than before. Tim said absolutely. They are kind of glad that they are going to be in that deep of water and are optimistic.

Beth said it caught her by surprise. Tim Miller was laying the ground work to do the underwater search. It makes it seems more real now Greta.

Beth has been to the area by the lighthouse. How does it fit into this Beth said it has always been a suspicious area and was an area of concern of Dave’s also.

Joran statement the first one which was a lie said he went to that area. When he mentions the sand dunes it ends abruptly.

Beth said she knew about the fisherman huts broken into as early as July. Greta asked if she ever heard of Joran or the other two having access to a boat. Beth said yes they have and he even has a really good friend of his named Keon and talked about Koen’s father having a boat and also someone that has really concerned them is Steve Croes who has access to a boat. For some reason he did not come to protect Joran he has some information. He came forward as a witness and they determined he was lying. What information he has weather he has access to a boat that night yes it very possible that these boys have done something with her body in the water absolutely.

Beth’s Notes:

June 10th entry about 6:00 pm

Hugh turning point in the investigation that was the FBI came in and told the family that it was looking like a possibility that Natalee may not be alive. And the reason why was that the boys were beginning to implicating each other and they weren’t denying the crime but they were finger pointing at each other. Greta said this is a day after they are arrested and they are already implicating each other in it. But yet the prosecutions apparently are ineffective in establishing it further. Obviously there has been no sort of resolution.

June 12th entry

This was a teacher had reported some information to the hotline, she had stated that a peer had divulged what VDS had done to Natalee and this teach has reportedly called the hotline and was trying to tell the officials that Joran had confessed to this peer what he had done to Natalee. Greta asked Beth does she know if that teacher was ever interviewed. Beth said no she doesn’t. Has anyone ever told her whether they did a thorough investigation of his peers? No Greta and as you can see when you look through there are pages of questions. Every time they asked a question they just winded up with 20 more. They were never able to get any answers.

June 16th entry.

Entry there having to do with PVDS. Information from a spokes person and that was a discrepancy over the time pickup by PVDS and he sated initially that he picked up Joran at 4:00 am from MD on the 30th and that actually why PVDS was arrested he as arrested because he changed the time. Beth said originally he stated he picked him up at 4:00 am on the 30th and he changed it later to 11:00 pm on the 29th. Van der Straaten knew PVDS has changed his time pickup and that is why he was arrested. That is solely why PVDS was arrested.

Beth had a meeting with KJ and there are notes from her July 11th meeting. There were text messages. There was a message at 3:30 am. Greta asked what was the content of the text message and Joran sent a text message to his computer saying thanks I’m home. So we don’t really know how he got home except there was a message from Joran to Deepak saying he got home. KJ told Beth that there was a phone call between Joran and Deepak and she said that was the longest phone call ever recorded from those two boys cell phones and they were never able to find out what time that phone call took place or any of their conversations were disclosed and they knew it was significant because this has never taken place before and she doesn’t know what 18 year old, 17 year old or 22 year old boy are going to have and 18 minute cell phone call on the very night they took Natalee.

She feels as if when she goes through her journal she sees all the alibis that were destroyed by looking at her looking through it.

(Hat Tip: San)

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