Natalee Holloway: Aruba, Stop Spinning. The Real Reasons Why There is a Boycott in of Aruba


Please; Aruba, officials, Task Force, Defense attorneys … stop spinning the reason for the boycott. I can understand why you would be against it, but the talking points that the “manipulated” tapes are the reason for it is a non starter and factually incorrect. I have now heard the third person tonight repeating the same line stating that the tape caused the boycott. IT DID NOT.

Before the Aruban Strategic Communications Task Force sends out its representatives on the media talk shows they may want to check out their own web site, Aruba the Truth, and take a look at the very first post they ever did, ‘Jug Twitty’s letter to Alabama Governor.’ The Alabama legislature passed a resolution to a boycott in July. It was the family that prevented the boycott as at the time they did not think it was the proper time. It was the family that spoke with Governor Riley and asked him to hold off. Gov. Riley was ready to boycott Aruba in late July and did not at the family’s wishes.

Does the Strategic Task Force and Aruba the Truth read anything that they write? They are claiming that the Dr Phil Tape is responsible for the boycott, yet they have forgot about the following article they wrote, Dave Holloway Says No Boycott and Task Force Finds Volunteers For New Search. Remember that one?

Natalee Holloway’s father was very clear in the interview that he does not agree with Dr. Phil McGraw’s call for Americans to boycott Aruba.

So even after seeing and hearing the interview, Dave Holloway did not back the boycott. As Dave told Scared Monkeys a couple of days ago, “its just one piece of evidence.” “I am not going to sugar coat it. Its was everything, not just the tape”. So how can it be about the tape when at the time it was shown and Dr. Phil called for a boycott; Dave Holloway said, no. So it must be about something else.


What is it about? The following was emailed to us from one of our Scared Monkey’s, TidyCat. I think they pretty much sum up what caused the family and Dave Holloway to support a boycott.

It is about a multitude of things. To blame the tape is myopic and just plain foolish. To hear Aruban officials, representatives of the Task Force, Tourism officials and Defense council make they same comments is nothing short of convenient and suspect. Get to solving this case and remember this is about a missing teenage girl named Natalee Holloway.

The following is a detailed account as to the real reasons for the boycott as per Tidycat.



The Holloway-Twitty families requested that Americans consider not traveling to Aruba until Aruba’s Justice Department takes appropriate action to resolve Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. The main reasons why they took that action are shown below. Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway, her mother, Beth Twitty, and volunteer Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch, also explained their experiences during televised interviews (excerpts shown below). This document was compiled from public information by an individual not connected in any way with the Holloway-Twitty families and is that person’s understanding of this issue only.

1. Aruban Law Enforcement (ALE) Attitude Toward the Investigation and Lack of Cooperation With Natalee’s Family and Volunteers. a. The Prosecutor in charge of this case, Ms. Janssen, has refused to meet with Beth Twitty. This is considered a routine courtesy in the United States for a prosecutor to liaison with the victim’s family. Beth’s phone calls are not returned, and when she tried to meet with Ms Janssen on her latest visit to Aruba, she received a letter saying Ms. Janssen did not have time to meet with her during her three-day stay. During the investigation, and early on, Ms. Janssen and Van der Straaten threatened Beth and Jug, saying that unless they stopped talking about the case publicly they would stop the entire investigation. This is simply incredible treatment of a victim’s family.

b. Dave Holloway (Interview with Greta Van Susteren, On the Record, FOX News, Nov. 4, 2005):

Greta: Let me talk a little bit about the letter. One of the things that made me almost fall out of my chair when I read the letter is that around June 1st when you arrived after being notified that your daughter was missing is that you went around the island including the police station talking to a detective Dennis Jacobs. When you went in there to see him he made a remark asking you when you’re looking for your daughter if you have any money. Tell me the facts surrounding this discussion.

Dave: Well, when we first arrived on the island we rented a car. We stopped at two different police stations and explained the situation. I explained that I am the father of Natalee Holloway and she is missing. The first comment was would you like to file a complaint? Finally after talking to several officers in those two police departments, they indicated they were not aware of any disappearance and not aware of any complaint. So the directed me to the Noord police station which supervises the area around the Holiday Inn. When I arrived at that police station, the detective knew I was coming and I was frantic as you can imagine a parent being who has their daughter missing. I walked up to the front desk accompanied by my brother and brother in law. I identified myself as the father of Natalee Holloway and Jacobs got up from his chair and grumbled “Well, how much money you got?” We were just stunned and everyone finally came together and we met in the back room He basically told us “Aw, this happens all the time, go down to C&C and have a beer and just wait on her and she’ll show up.” We questioned his tactics and wanted to know if a search was being conducted. He just looked at us and said “Why would you want to do that?” “Think positive, you’re thinking negative.” I said well the first few days are the most critical. He indicated to us you are on the wrong page and you need to go search a drug house or whatever. And then he made the comment that “Look, I need to get with you guys. There have been some reports that some of Jugs friends have been busting up in some of these crack houses.” I was again floored. I thought how do you know about crack houses and who’s up in them, but you are not even aware someone is missing? You know, give me a break.

Greta: Dave, did you get the sense that his remark about money was a very bad joke or that he wanted money from you to pursue the investigation?

 Dave: I don’t know, sometimes I wonder now what the real motive is. I met with them again this past week and again one of the references was how money do you have and how long can you continue searching for your daughter. He said “Most of these cases we would have quit investigating long ago.” That’s when I decided we need a change.

Greta: Natalee Holloway’s father recently asked the deputy chief to do him a favor and he was turned down. Dave, what was the favor you asked of Deputy Chief Gerold Dompig?

Dave: We felt that we had a real key witness that I felt if he was interviewed properly that it could break this case. I went to the chief and expressed my concerns with the investigative team for one. I mentioned this witness as well. We had been watching the witness and knew he was very nervous. We felt like the time to strike is now while the iron is hot. I spoke with him that day, and the next day I called him early that morning. I asked him, “Gerold do me a favor. I’ve hung with you this long and can you please, please handle this interrogation?” I think if you handle it right, we could possibly solve this case. As of today, that has yet to be done.

c. Beth Twitty (Interview with Joe Scarborough, MSNBC, Oct. 21, 2005):

Beth Twitty: Nov. 1st, I am returning. And, you know, they have already had some requests made of them. I made it perfectly clear what the family expects right now. So, there are several things—there are several things that still need to be met. The FBI—I want the FBI to have every audio, video tape, every statement. I want them to have the box of raw data. I want them to have those leads that were coming early.

And I want to know how each lead was handled. And I want to know how they followed up on them. And, secondly, I want the Dutch interrogators involved. There were four of these men from Holland. They were extremely—they were dedicated to Natalee’s case. I want them involved. I want them involved in the interrogations. I felt that they were as shocked as I was on September the 1st, when the judge released them. I do.

I mean, they had invested hugely in Natalee’s case. And I had met with them several times. And I just really had a good feel, a gut feeling that they were determined to find the answer. I mean, I think they wanted to solve this. I do. And, you know, but they need their suspects, they need them to be there to interrogate them. I mean, if they free them all, it is hard for them to continue their mission….

Joe Scarborough: But now you are willing to say, there is a cover-up. They are trying to protect these three young boys, young men.

Beth Twitty: They never—they never wanted to implicate these three young men. They never wanted to implicate them from the beginning. And there is a list of reasons, you know, why we know that is true.

Joe Scarborough: If you leave Aruba and you know you will never get answers there, is that when you go on a one-woman crusade to find justice in another way, as far as whether it is cutting Aruba off from tourist money or letting the whole world know just how corrupt their system is? Is that the end game for you?

Beth Twitty: Well, I think that that‘s where I have to rely on our government here to help me in that, in how we can go about getting them to recognize that this cannot be unsolved.

And I think that we did our part. We remained respectful. And we remained, you know, so—we just kept thinking, oh, it is going to work. We didn‘t—you know, senators were calling us and Governor Riley was calling us. And we were like, we are OK. We are working with the system. We are working with the Dutch law.

And now I look back on it and I think, you know, what fools we were, that, you know—I still look back on it and think, I‘m glad that we did the right thing. I‘m glad that—so now, there is no question. There is no question that it didn‘t work. Nobody can question it at all.

Joe Scarborough: Isn‘t it time for politicians in America and for parents, more importantly, parents in America, to warn their children, to warn their loved ones, don‘t go to Aruba because it is just not safe?

Beth Twitty: Oh, absolutely. It is time. It will be time.

d. Tim Miller (Interview with Greta Van Susteren, On The Record, FOX News, Nov. 1, 2005):

Greta: Tonight the volunteers that were searching for Natalee Holloway are all back in the United States. Why did they leave the island? Tim, why did you leave the island?

Tim: Well Greta, we did everything we could do over there. We were lead to the water by Chief Dompig in an area he wanted us to search. We started from shore and moved out. We had two sets of side scan sonar over there. We had a forensic underwater dive team. Another very experienced dive team had their equipment there. He wanted us to go 3 to 5 miles out and start clearing stuff from the shore out. We let him know early on that we could a limited amount with the equipment we had. We could actually go to 150 ft deep, which is deep. But, when we got out past 1 ½ miles, we needed equipment that would take us 800 to 1000 ft deep.

We actually got that equipment, made arrangements to get it over there. All that was needed was an informal phone call request to have that stuff over there. It looked like we had a real line of communication going with Chief Dompig last Wed. He praised everything we were doing, and then last Thursday [after Dave left on Wednesday], all communication just stopped. Then when I talked to him Friday morning, he was basically kind of ugly to me on the phone. He said, “I do not have time to sit down and write little letters for everything.” I said chief it’s not even a letter, it’s a simple phone call. He said that would have to go through the prosecuting attorney. We actually had all the equipment to do that search for Aruba at absolutely no cost. I just felt as though…I don’t know what happened; we lost communication. It is very, very frustrating.

Greta: To whom was he supposed to make the phone call?

Tim: We actually had our team from Florida State University. Our underwater divers actually had a connection with somebody with the Navy who was willing to go ahead and bring their equipment. Gene Ralston, one of our members has equipment to go 800ft deep and he’s done a lot of stuff with the FBI and made those contacts. We gave Chief Dompig the phone number at the FBI. They were willing to bring their equipment. Gene was willing to bring his equipment. Everything just literally stopped. We had no clue what went wrong, our trip was basically in vain.

Greta: So what’s your theory? If Dompig is helping you out, you have a good line of communication and suddenly it stops?

Tim: You know Greta, I don’t know. I have never wanted to be involved in the investigation or cover-up stuff. I was not in support of a boycott when Beth talked about it. I thought it was too premature for that. It makes me question what is going on. Are we getting too close? Do they really want Natalee found? I question that, and I hate to do that. Our children make up 25% of our population and 100% of our future. Natalee is not going to be part of our future, but give us the chance to use all this equipment at no cost to you and let us try to bring Natalee home so this family can have some closure. Do with the investigation afterwards…the prosecution as you need.

We have the equipment, the expertise, and all these people willing to help at no cost. Communicate with us, if we upset you for some reason, tell us why and we’ll fix that. But at this point in time I am supporting Beth Holloway Twitty 100% in a boycott. I feel as though we’ve been lied to, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, a lot of time. I don’t get upset, but Greta, I am upset!

2. The Questionable Investigation by the ALE (From the Beginning Until Now).

a. Delay in beginning search and investigation into this missing person case.

Even though the Twittys had themselves identified and located Joran Van Der Sloot (JVDS) the night they arrived on the island (24 hours after Natalee disappeared), contacted the police with the information, and met JVDS and his father, Paulus Van Der Sloot (PVDS) at their home in the early hours of May 31st, accompanied by two Aruban police officers, the ALE apparently took no action on the case. This is in addition to the fact that on Monday, May 30th, one of the chaperones who accompanied the MB group reported Natalee Holloway missing to Holiday Inn security. When he later found they had failed to call the police, he reported it to the police.

When Dave Holloway arrived on the island and went to two police stations, he was told there was no complaint filed and no investigation was underway in Natalee’s disappearance. This was when Dennis Jacobs asked how much money Dave had and why would he want to search for her because probably she would turn up at Carlos ‘n’ Charlie’s (C&Cs) on ladies night. This statement indicated a total lack of respect for a missing American tourist and a lack of compassion for of the family of a victim–possibly of a homicide. This statement set the tone for the entire investigation of the case.

b. Delay in interrogating the last three persons known to be seen with Natalee.

In their initial statements, JVDS, Deepak Kalpoe (DK), and Satish Kalpoe (SK), stated they left C&Cs with NH, drove around with her and then left her in front of the Holiday Inn (HI), where they saw a black security guard approach her as they drove off. Based on these statements the ALE immediately raided the homes of two security guards at dawn the next morning, searched their homes, and arrested them. Meanwhile, JVDS, DK, and SK were only interviewed, not interrogated, and were allowed to leave. Not until ten days later were these three actually brought in for questioning and placed under arrest as suspects in the case. Their initial statements then fell apart and they admitted that they had not left Natalee at the Holiday Inn. The two security guards were subsequently released.

c. Failure to perform a complete search of the VDS property.

After the ALE arrested JVDS, DK, and SK (now the “three main suspects”), a partial search was performed of the VDS property. This search was of JVDS’s detached apartment, plus seizing certain selected items such as cameras, telephone, and computer equipment from the main house. Present at that time were PVDS and Ben Vocking, a former coworker in the Prosecutor’s Office and friend of PVDS. The two indicated to the ALE performing the search where they could search and which items could be taken.

Later, after the ALE arrested PVDS as a suspect in the case, they failed to obtain a warrant and return to complete a thorough search of the VDS home and grounds. To date, this has never been accomplished. This is a major investigative and inexplicable failure in this case.

d. Delay in seizure and search of vehicle.

The ALE delayed the seizure and search of the vehicle belonging to DK for ten days, along with the arrest of DK and SK. This was the vehicle NH was seen getting into with the three suspects after leaving C&Cs. This gave the three suspects time to destroy or tamper with any evidence which the vehicle may have contained.

e. ALE’s lack of cooperation in physical searches for Natalee.

(1) The Landfill Search. The Holloway-Twitty family brought in Equusearch, a group of volunteers who searched at the landfill for three weeks, based on a tip from a witness. They repeatedly requested that the ALE or the government provide them with a bull dozer instead of the backhoe they were using in order to speed up the search. The government’s spokesperson, Ruben Trappenberg, stated on television that the United States may have bulldozers parked behind the White House, but Aruba does not have any.

The volunteers finally reached the level and location indicated by the witness. All of them became very ill and had to leave the island for the weekend. They planned to resume the search the next week. However, the government notified Equusearch that their permit would NOT be renewed. This was totally devastating to the volunteers and the family. Even without the witness, the landfill should have been searched by the ALE.

When the searchers left, the government filled in what had been dug and put trash on top of it. If volunteers are able to return to continue the search months later, they will have to start all over again.

(2) The Ocean Search. Dave, Tim Miller and a volunteer search team went back to continue searching for Natalee, planning to return to the landfill. Chief Dompig instead diverted them to an underwater search in the ocean, 3-5 miles out from the Marriott Hotel. The team brought in volunteer divers and side-sonar search equipment and searched out to 150 feet deep. Because they needed to go 800-1000 ft deep, they lined up the necessary additional equipment from the Navy and the FBI to continue. Dave left the island; then Dompig allegedly declined to make the necessary phone call to the FBI to get their equipment, even though the team had already made the arrangements for the equipment. As a result, the search was not completed, a search Aruba did not have the capability to accomplish and which had cost them nothing. Valuable time was wasted and the team left the island.

3. The Disappearing, Ignored, and Mismanaged Evidence.

a. The disappearing bones. Various bones were found and given to the ALE to determine if they were human and if they could be matched to Natalee. When the first bone was found on the beach, the person who found it took it to a police station. She later followed up and was told the only person on the island who could tell if the bone was human was on vacation. Much later, the ALE announced the bone was that of a donkey. Another bone was a shoulder bone with some flesh on it. The family has never been told anything about that bone. Neither was sent to a Holland forensics lab for testing.

b. The disappearing belt. A man’s belt allegedly matching one held by JVDS in a photograph was found near the lighthouse where the three suspects stated they took Natalee after leaving C&Cs. As far as the family knows, the ALE did not think the belt was important, was too old to have anything to do with this case, and nothing was ever done to forensically identify the belt as the ALE determined it was “too old.”

c. The stolen knife and crab trap. Three fishermen’s huts were broken into the night that Natalee disappeared. These are located in the area where JVDS stated he left Natalee. A large knife and a large fish trap were missing from the huts. The family has not received any information as to any investigation into this incident. The trap is large enough to hold a body.

d. The disappearing blood in the car. It was reported that blood was found in DK’s vehicle. Samples were reportedly cut from inside the car and sent to Holland and the FBI for testing. The reports came back negative, stating the substance is cleaning fluid. Cleaning fluid does not look like blood. The ALE should have the minimum capability of testing a stain with Luminol to determine whether it is blood or some other substance before sending it to a forensics lab. According to Art Wood, former Secret Service agent, a police officer told him they found blood. Interestingly, a witness allegedly reported seeing the Kalpoe brothers washing their car in the early hours of the morning. Nothing more has been heard from this witness. A bloody mattress was also found during the search for Natalee; the ALE announced it was dog’s blood. It is unknown whether it was sent to Holland for analysis to confirm this.

e. The useless DNA Samples. The ALE collected DNA samples from the three suspects. It is unknown what they intended to match with the DNA. The Prosecution failed to follow proper legal procedure and did not notify the suspects’ attorneys before collecting the DNA; as a result, a judge threw out the DNA samples. They have not been able to get a warrant for new samples.

f. The disappearing fabric that matched Natalee’s blouse. FOX News videotaped a search around the time that duct tape with blond hair was found. The videotape showed a police officer climbing down some rocks at the edge of the ocean (near the Lighthouse), holding a piece of fabric in his right hand. This fabric appears in enhanced photos to match the fabric of the blouse Natalee was wearing when she disappeared. The Holloway family allegedly was told by the ALE it was fishnet and there is fishnet that color “all over the island.” This find was never mentioned again, although FOX continued to run the video. It is not known what has since happened to this fabric.

g. The strange duct tape and blond hair. A park department employee found a piece of duct tape with blond hair on it. This was processed through a Dutch forensics lab and did not match Natalee’s hair taken from a hairbrush. FOX News later reported the same park department employee claimed to have found another piece of duct tape with blonde hair. Nothing more was ever heard of this find.

h. Delay in verifying the Jamie Skeeters tapes of DK. The family and independent investigators provided the Jamie Skeeters tapes to the ALE. These tapes contain a conversation between Skeeters and DK in which DK allegedly admitted to having sex with Natalee while she was unconscious. These tapes were examined and verified by the FBI before being sent to Aruba. The ALE and Holland had these tapes for weeks and only on the eve of Thanksgiving were the results announced. Apparently there was no urgency or priority in using these tapes. Yet now the ALE is focusing on them as if the entire investigation depends on whether one tape had any editing (their word: “manipulating”) done, when two of the tapes were verified in Holland and agreed with Jamie Skeeters’ interpretation—and Dompig agreed with Skeeters. However, as Beth Twitty said to Rita Cosby on Nov. 30th, they can set these tapes aside because they don’t need them. Instead, they have several tapes of interrogations where the three suspects have admitted what they did and pointed fingers at each other; they could be using these to re-arrest them. In spite of the spin by Aruban spokespersons, the issue of these tapes alone did not convince the family to agree to a travel boycott of Aruba.

4. ALE Questionable Handling of Witnesses.

a. On May 31st Beth and Jug Twitty and several friends from Alabama confronted JVDS and PVDS at their home. They were accompanied by two police officers. The ALE did not attempt to obtain statements from these people until weeks or months later, if at all. When they finally did get Beth’s statement, allegedly Dennis Jacobs subsequently asked her to sign another one, stating there was an error in the original. It was written in Dutch, but Beth signed it. Later her attorney translated it and Beth discovered that many of the facts she had put in her original statement had changed as well, including names and dates. Jug has stated that JVDS told these people that night that he had some sort of sexual activity with Natalee while she was going “in and out of consciousness.” He also allegedly described her underwear and private areas. This would constitute admission of sexual assault if true.

b. JVDS allegedly changed his story at least nine times. Beth claims to have obtained a copy of his statement no. 4 in which he allegedly states “This is the truth” and that he took Natalee to his home and then to the beach where he left her. Beth says the statement is signed by JVDS and four police officers. Yet the judge did not consider this adequate evidence to hold JVDS. The question is, did the prosecutor present this statement and any others to the judge who released him? Had his statements been altered?

c. JVDS and DK allegedly made statements, each accusing the other of responsibility for Natalee’s death and burial. Yet the judge did not consider this adequate evidence to hold either person. The question is, did the prosecutor present these statements to the judge who released him? And had their statements been altered?

d. The police arrested Mickey John and another security guard based on the original statements of JVDS, DK, and SK. Mickey John was allegedly in the cell next to DK and stated to Greta Van Susteren of FOX that DK apologized to him for implicating him in the case. Mickey John also stated on FOX that DK told him the three of them plus PVDS got together and came up with their first story, which named the two security guards, and that PVDS advised that “no body, no case.” The ALE should have interrogated Mickey John about this statement to FOX since it could directly involve PVDS in obstruction of justice as a minimum. The ALE should have also interrogated DK and SK on this.

e. Beth stated PVDS told her group on May 31st that he picked JVDS up at 4:00 am on May 30th, while PVDS told Greta Van Susteren of FOX he picked JVDS up at 11 pm on May 29th.

f. It was reported that at least three young women had contacted the ALE regarding similar alleged sexual assaults by one or more of the three main suspects. One 14 year-old girl was allegedly prepared to file a complaint, but has since dropped it. This girl allegedly reported this incident to the ALE on an earlier occasion and nothing was done. The ALE arrested Freddy Arambatsis and re-arrested DK and SK, allegedly regarding this matter. A week later they were all released by a judge, who stated that there was no evidence. Alleged pornographic photos of an under-aged girl suddenly became photos of a young girl in a bikini. Why was the Prosecutor not able to manage to hold these three while the investigation continued?

g. Jossy Mansur reported to Greta Van Susteren on FOX regarding a letter received at El Diario from a woman whose husband had allegedly been told by a witness that he had seen men trying to put a bag with a body into a dumpster and, not being successful, driving away. This witness and this woman had allegedly attempted to report this to the police but their calls had been ignored. This indicates that the ALE was not properly following up on all calls regarding witnesses to this case. Further, when another witness, a gardener, was located by an El Diario investigator, the ALE allegedly threatened to deport him, causing him to go into hiding and delaying interviewing him.

h. Even though Dompig stated on television that he believes JVDS, DK, and SK to be guilty, none has been brought in for further interrogation and all go free to continue their lives as if nothing has happened.

i. Dave has met with Dompig and the prosecutor and has provided them with leads received on his tip line. The most recent concerned a critical “person of interest.” Dave asked Dompig during his last visit to Aruba to personally interrogate this critical witness. According to Dave, this has not yet happened. (See Dave’s statement above.)

j. The Prosecutor was apparently not able to put together all of the existing statements and evidence to prevent a judge from releasing them and allowing them to travel at will. Nor was the prosecutor apparently able to convince the judge that PVDS participated in some way as a minimum to obstruct the investigation of this case.

k. The Mountain Brook students who traveled with Natalee were on the plane home by the time the ALE got involved in the case. The FBI later took statements from them and gave them to the ALE. Now Dompig keeps repeating in televised interviews that it is necessary five months later to re-interview the students because of “concerns” about conflicting statements they have made on television and the internet.

In other words, instead of re-interrogating JVDS, DK, and SK (who have already admitted “something bad happened” to Natalee and who have accused each other of killing her) concerning DK’s statements on the Jamie Skeeter tapes that they all had sex with Natalee while she was unconscious, and JVDS’s statements to “A Current Affair” reporter which conflict with his earlier statements to the ALE, or even interviewing the critical witness Dave identified to Dompig, the ALE is instead focusing on additional statements from the MB students. This is a major indicator that the ALE is stalling and has no intention of taking any real action in this case


The ALE has sufficient evidence in the two verified Skeeters tapes and the A Current Affair interview to re-arrest JVDS, DK, and SK, and could do this concurrently with any additional interviews with the MB students by the FBI. They also have a critical witness and additional leads provided by Dave and should be working on these. Instead, they continue to stall and talk about “further investigations” and “bringing in old witnesses,” the latter of which turned out to be family members to ask about fund management and silliness about Hitler. Now they are focused on trying to make it appear that Dr. Phil and Jamie Skeeters passed them altered tapes when two of them were verified. It is quite clear that the ALE has put the investigation into limbo. Instead of taking action they are still stalling. All of the above is why the family finally, after almost six months with no visible progress and obvious stalling tactics by the ALE, requested a new investigation and prosecution team and agreed to the call for a TRAVEL boycott to Aruba until Natalee is found and the case is solved.

That’s what it is about. Not about a tape.

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