Natalee Holloway Investigation: Unedited Tapes, Quick Conversation with Dave Holloway


I managed to have a quick conversation with Dave Holloway this afternoon just before he was leaving work. He received the tapes/CD/DVD today and will be listening to it later.

Does Dave have a position on the tape? The present answer is no, Dave had no comment on what is on the tapes as he has yet to hear them. We both discussed the importance of the tape to see what was on them, but it was not the end all be all answer to the investigation. As Dave Holloway said, “its just one piece of evidence.” Dave Holloway will be on the Rita Cosby Show tonight, Live & Direct discussing what he believes he hears on the tapes. Dave Holloway has always been a straight shooter and this should be no different. Win, lose or draw Dave will provide us with an answer.

That being said, I asked Dave whether or not the Dr. Phil tape was the reason why he decided to support the boycott of Aruba. Many in Aruba and on the 24-7 MSM shows have been implying that these tapes were the reason for a boycott, and that it was a boycott based on a lie. Dave Holloway answered, “no”. Dave went on to say, “I am not going to sugar coat it. Its was everything, not just the tape”. Dave basically went into the litany of things that have occurred and the frustration each time that they happened. From the frustration in cooperation of the ALE in examining witnesses to the Prosecutors not stepping down to Dompig not cooperating with TES in helping them get high tech equipment to continue searching.

The family then sent the following letter to the Aruban Attorney General. Then Governor Riley of Alabama was sent a letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs. As Dave Holloway strongly stated, “it was not just the tape that caused him to support a boycott, it was everything”. Dave never wanted a boycott to have to happen, but felt that there was no other choice. The breakdown in communication and direction of the of the investigation might have added to his decision.

Many have witnessed Dave’s straight forward and methodical approach to the investigation. Everyone has respected him for it. Having spoke with him on numerous occasions and having met him I can say that there is no way one thing would have ever have made him support such an action as a boycott. Overtime though, the accumulation of frustration not at exhausted leads and dead ends, but at not investigating leads or examining witnesses is most likely what pushed him over the edge for this decision.

Aruba, Aruban officials, Aruban Strategic Communications Task Force and Aruba the Truth please stop emphasizes that these tapes are the entire investigation of Natalee Holloway. They are not. Please stop acting as if they are. There is a girl named Natalee Holloway that is missing, please investigate, search and prosecute this case. All aspects of this investigation should have been handled with as much vigor as these tapes were in trying to prove them false. Looking out for your tourism is one thing, acting like Joran, Deepak’s and Satish’s defense council is much different.

Dave Holloway has always been straight forward with all of you. He knows no other way. He has provided suggestions that are best for all to get this back to what its supposed to be. An investigation for his daughter, Natalee Holloway. It may be time to listen to him.

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