Natalee Holloway: AM Digital; Requests to boycott Aruba


If only the reactions and news paper’s comments were so critical of how the Natalee Holloway investigation had been handled. If only the Aruban media was as critical of those in charge and empowered to affect the investigation. If only AM Digital took the following line from their article and held it up to those in charge of this investigation and prosecution.

People in positions of power and authority should hold themselves to higher standards and should base their decisions on facts and logic.

You are very correct in your statement. It is too bad that this has not occurred during the investigation of Natalee Holloway. I dare say if it had, we would not still be discussing it today, nor would Aruba be facing a boycott.

It is truly sad that the Aruban media continually deflects from the real issue at hand. This is not about crime statistics in Birmingham. Birmingham hardly claims to be the tourist destination that Aruba does. One can hardly compare 80,000 to 4.5 million when discussing anything. It just isn’t comparable. This is also not about anyone’s re-election bid. One gets the feeling that this is no longer a media discussing a story, but more like a defense attorney throwing anything up against the way to see what sticks.

Try as everyone might, no one has been yet to explain away how three suspects that were last seen and admitted they were with Natalee Holloway were never treated as primary suspects from the outset. No one can explain that when caught in a lie they were still not arrested. Day one, the video tape showed no one was ever dropped off at the Holiday Inn. No one has been able to explain away the fact that 10 days went by and the suspects homes were not searched.

The reason is, BECAUSE NO ONE CAN.

This is not about reelection, Birmingham, crime rates, etc. This happened in Aruba. Aruba, it is about you. Stop putting the blame on others and just accept the responsibility. Yes, your island may have a low crime rate. Yes, this may not happen often. The fact of the matter is, that it did happen and it was handled poorly. If someone would only accept that fact and move this investigation in some positive direction a boycott would never have been called for.

With ever action there is a reaction. In this case it may be phrased “with every in-action” there is a reaction. The boycott was simply the families reaction to Aruban inaction.

The following is the AM Digital article from November 23, 2005: Requests to boycott Aruba

The Aruba Trade & Industry Association (ATIA) was unpleasantly surprised by Alabama Governor Bob Riley’s call for a boycott against Aruba. Granted, the former real estate agent’s influence on the opinions of people beyond the state’s borders is negligible, but even a small negative impact on our island’s small and vulnerable economy would be most regrettable, especially if this might cause financial hardship on hard working Aruba families.

We understand that the mother of Natalee Holloway cannot help but be emotional. Any mother of a missing girl would be overcome by emotion. We consider this perfectly acceptable. What does disturb us is that a Governor of a state, whose decisions affect the lives of millions of people, allows himself to make decisions based on the emotions felt by a grieving mother.

The rest of the story

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