Natalee Holloway Editorial; It’s not about the Politics, It’s about the Pressure


Aruban officials and the Aruban Strategic Task Force have been critical of the boycott called for by Alabama Governor Bob Riley. The Task Force has even gone so far as to say, Does Anybody Out There Think A Boycott Is A Good Idea? Although there have been several editorials stating that the boycott will have no effect which should be comforting to Aruba. However, it hardly seems the case by the reaction the boycott has received in Aruba. There are those that believe that a boycott won’t solve anything. There are some who feel differently. Some are of the opinion it is an individuals choice whether to go there or not.

The Decatur Daily initially had an editorial entitled ‘Boycotting Aruba won’t solve the Holloway case’ that was touted by Aruba the Truth for it’s anti-boycott stance.

From what we can see, Aruban officials have botched their investigation. Tragically, it appears unlikely that Natalee Holloway will ever be found. If a boycott would miraculously change that, we’d support it. But it won’t, and it certainly won’t promote cooperation between Americans and Arubans in continuing to pursue the case.

Every tourist is free, of course, to stay away from Aruba for this or any other reason. But the boycott strikes us as an empty and perhaps harmful gesture.

Suddenly the same newspaper two weeks later seemingly has a different take in their editorial pages, Keep pressure on Aruba to solve Holloway case. It has been stated by Aruban officials and The Strategic Task Force that Governor Bob Riley called for the boycott for political reasons. It is an interesting concept that it is OK for Aruba and a Strategic Task Force set up to protect Aruba and its tourism from what they claim are misrepresentations and falsehoods. However, it is not OK for the Governor of a State to protect his constituents in the same manner. To borrow a phrase, wouldn’t this be fair and balanced? The Editorial brings out some interesting points.

Governors of the other 49 states may not be as familiar with Natalee Holloway’s disappearance as Bob Riley, but they should not conclude he’s indulging in self-serving politics as he calls for a tourist boycott of Aruba.

Politics are hardly the case. He’s responding to and identifying with a parent’s cry for help.

At this point, asking American tourists to find another vacation spot in the southern Caribbean is about the only pressure the governor can bring against Aruban authorities.

Barring any official U.S. State Department action, the governor’s appeal to his peers will at least heighten public awareness that Aruba isn’t a Garden of Eden tucked away in the sun drenched Caribbean. (Full editorial)

Maybe this is what Aruban tourism officials do fear. An editorial opinion that went from there was no point to a boycott to what choice was there? In any event it would just seem so simple to alleviate the issue. Believe it or not this is still about a missing teenager, Natalee Holloway. Remember her?

It’s not about a boycott or a tape or tourism. It’s about a missing person and a life. One that by all accounts is gone. If one does their job to the utmost and the investigation is handled in a much more serious manner with less mistakes (mistakes that even Aruban officials have admit occurred); win, lose or draw it all goes away and everyone goes back to their lives. That does not mean window dressing, it means a real investigation.

Unfortunately, this case has turned into nothing more by many than a hate-fest. It is sad that there is almost a joyful glee by some that a tape may or may not have been manipulated. There is more energy put forth to promote that idea than there has been to honestly discuss why the case has deteriorated to at present. What happened to the questioning of the suspects that was said would occur over a month ago? Where does the case stand at this point? One would think that Natalee Holloway’s family has a right to know.

The Holloway’s and Twitty’s belong to a small fraternity of people that no one wants to be a member of. Many who have no emotional stake in this case have said that the family should just give up and walk away. Who is their right mind would honesty do such a thing if it was their child? What choice would you have as a parent but to “Keep pressure on Aruba to solve Holloway case“?

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