Diario Editorial; Natalee and the bla bla bla professors


Diario, November 21, 2005; Editorial NATALEE Y E PROFESORNAN DI BLA BLA BLA!

Editorial: Natalee and the bla bla bla professors
by Jossy Mansur

I didn’t know that in Aruba there were so many professionals who are specialized in bla bla bla, that is to say, those who express their baseless opinions, but what is revealed is their ignorance. There are some media in Aruba who are somewhat politically inclined which have lost notion of reality and which hide the word ‘truth’ behind their forgetfulness.

They can very well continue to wait for a reply from me that will never come, because I am not going to waste time tending to some fanatic blindingly tied to their negative habits of twisting everything and interpreting in their own way what they can’t express or write.

Their sick focus on the case of Natalee has become a pathetic aspect, not because it is difficult to solve, but because of the errors committed and the sentences dictated are obvious to everyone around the world who is aware of them.

It has nothing to do with whether Natalee is alive or not, but with the judge who came from Curaà §ao who preferred to ignore all the good work that the Aruban police did and the solid presentation of the prosecutor. Are the three suspects guilty or innocent? This will come out because you cannot hide this truth for very long, but sooner or later, it will come to light. On my part, they are innocent if Natalee turns out to be alive!

Some media, addicted to the government of the day converted the case of Natalee into a political circus. We, on the other hand, maintained a posture of looking at the case for what it is, and indicated the factors which came out of the many admissions of the three principal suspects: Joran, Deepak and Satish.

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    8 Responses to “Diario Editorial; Natalee and the bla bla bla professors”

    1. Carlos Severino Tromp on August 28th, 2008 2:29 pm

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      Regards Carlos Severino Tromp

    2. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 29th, 2008 4:07 pm

      The Hague, The Netherlands, 29th September 2008

      Dear people,

      In the kingdom of the Netherlands the issue is no longer about justice & prosperity for everybody; now it is only about the white collar delinquent in the kingdom, who supported by Prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende and queen Beatrix, can enrich themselves without stopping. Who thinks of himself as credible, & feels insulted: remedy….drag me (Carlos Severino Tromp) to the court to clear his good name!

      I Carlos Severino Tromp, stand one 100% behind my statements!!!

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    3. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 29th, 2008 4:43 pm

      The Hague, The Netherlands, 29th September 2008

      Dear people,

      I am, Carlos Severino Tromp, the naked truth and the pure truth! Born in the Dutch kingdom of corruption and white collar delinquent and am one hundred % (100%) capable & know exactly what I am doing and I stand one 100% behind my statements.

      Who thinks of himself as credible, & feels insulted: remedy….drag me (Carlos Severino Tromp) to the court to clear his good name!

      This because the truth has been crucified, and lies, corruption, and the violations of human rights now rule in the whole kingdom!

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      You Tube: tromp13carlos & carlos13tromp

    4. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 29th, 2008 7:37 pm


      The Hague, 29th of September 2008

      Hello to everyone!,

      Because Justice of the Dutch kingdom cannot function well and the Public Prosecuting Agency of Aruba Havenstraat #2 O’stad together with the Communal Court of Aruba/Netherlands Antilles are corrupt and falsify documents, comet forgery and violate human rights under the auspices of the high court of Dutch Kingdom AND in the name of the Queen: Beatrix, the head of state AND she (BEATRIX) close her eyes for corruption and crimes against human rights!

      Carlos Severino Tromp, wish to communicate to you that in the middle of October coming, maybe for a week I will appear in a television program News (Noticia Spaña and Spaña Directo) in SPAIN and talk by satellite to the Dutch Queen on the subject of violation of human rights and general corruption in Aruba, in the public prosecuting agency there, and how Nathalee Holloway did not receive justice by the Aruba police system. The program will also be translated in English. Start to take a look at 10 October 2008


      With kindest personal regards:

      If you still want to know more: Google: Carlos Severino Tromp

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    5. Carlos Severino Tromp on October 4th, 2008 2:29 pm

      The Hague, 04th of October 2008,

      Dear readers,

      Did you know that the head of state, also queen, Beatrix of the Netherlands, is a hypocrite, a liar, and a little puppet of prime minister Mr Drs Prof Jan Peter Balkenende?

      The two of them are also accessory to corruption and violations to the rights of man.

      And now Beatrix must run away for her responsibility and abdicates, because she lacks integrity and that one cannot buy or sell!

      That is what I, Carlos Severino Tromp says, one 100 % capable, one 100 % responsible
      for my deeds, for one 100 % I stand rock hard behind my deeds.

      And who feels insulted by my mutterings, I, Carlos Severino Tromp, advise he or she, it does not matter whom he or she is, or can be,
      General Information Security Service (the prime national Dutch secret service [A.I.V.D]-civil servant) or not, if he or she is not satisfied, take a lawyer and go to court to start a summary proceedings or a general procedure, or whatever, against Carlos Severino Tromp, so that he has to stop with lying about our hypocrite liar, queen and head of state, accessory to corruption and violations of the rights of man.

      Beatrix runs away from her responsibility.

      Because Beatrix knows well, without INTEGRITY one cannot play for saint and when Satan drives out Satan, he is turning against himself and destroys his own kingdom!

      How can his kingdom then persevere?

      My complaints against mrs Beatrix had as aim to force her to abdicate. This because Beatrix is no good, 28 years of hypocrite behavior, lies and accessory to corruption and violations to the rights of man.


      You Tube tromp: 13carlos & carlos13tromp

      If you want to know more> GOOGLE: Carlos Severino Tromp

    6. Carlos Severino Tromp on October 16th, 2008 12:07 pm

      Dear readers of Scared Monkeys Forum,

      Shango / Simian,

      arubagirl and all the other sites where I have posted and where my accusations have been posted to queen Beatrix, her cabinet of ministers and all her cronies:

      God willing, I,

      Carlos Severino Tromp, will finally be on the TV-programmes “España Directo, España 24 hora, Noticia” in Spain on the 27th of October.

      Dear readers,

      Many people have asked me for proof of my accusations; but I will not present my proof on the table. If anybody (e.g. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands) has been insulted by me and believes to have credibility and that I, Carlos Severino Tromp, am a liar, then he or she is obliged to drag me to court, where I have to present my proof to the judges and then everybody will get my proof.

      I am not so stupid as to present my proof to my enemies before a case in court to hurt my claims; this because the Dutch justice system is not to be trusted!

      And if they then do not drag me to court, then my accusations are enough proof, and that is also enough for all the people who want to have proof!

      Kingdom of the Netherlands,… …. … … You cannot fool God, so don’t make a fool of yourself! You will harvest what you plant. If you follow your selfish desires, you will harvest destruction, but if you follow the Spirit, you will harvest eternal life. Galatians 6:7-8

      History will then repeat itself, because Rudy Croes,(and cronies) the corrupt minister of justice of Aruba had already twice dragged me to court and twice lost their case against me! The third instance he even refused to instigate against me! And I, Carlos Severino Tromp pleaded my case without a lawyer; while Rudy Croes had appeared in court, backed by lawyers and the public prosecuting agency with the support of Teresa Diana Croes Fernandes Pedra, Elivia Elvira Lugo and corrupt judge Cor Slothouber

      I am Carlos Severino Tromp, still going strong with my accusations!

      “In God I trust”



      You Tube:tromp13carlos
      “My open letter to queen Beatrix” 18 minuts in three parts
      You Tube: carlos13tromp:
      My open letter to Beth Twitty

    7. Carlos Severino Tromp on October 31st, 2008 2:17 pm

      Dear readers of Shango of Scared Monkeys Forum:

      I, Carlos Severino Tromp, wish to communicate to you that on the following Monday, the 3rd of November 2008, I will appear the whole week on Spanish television as I told earlier!

      God willing the time for my deliverance and all the duped victims of the kingdom of the Netherlands and Aruba has arrived!

      I will accuse the kingdom of the Netherlands, queen Beatrix and the cabinet Balkenende, of being hypocrites, arch-liars, fascists, corrupt (mixed unity of interests), supporting white collar criminals, violating human rights, of committing class justice, running away from their responsibility, and playing deaf, blind and mute!

      And the cabinet Oduber on Aruba, members of the public prosecuting agency in Havenstraat #2, and members of the court of appeal on Aruba, of corruption (mixed unity of interests) and violating human rights!

      Google: Carlos Severino Tromp
      You Tube: carlos13tromp & tromp13carlos


    8. Carlos Severino Tromp on December 10th, 2008 4:54 am

      Soon on You Tube by: Carlos Severino Tromp
      Decadency of a queen,… … Beatrix of the Netherlands

      I, Carlos Severino Tromp, today I pride myself fortunate that
      I am chosen to show worldwide the decadency of a queen;
      who is nobody less than:
      the opportunist who sells illusions;
      Beatrix Armgard Wilhelmina, the head of state and queen of the Netherlands!

      Who preaches democracy, anti corruption and human rights.
      It is sad… that mrs Beatrix has lost her mind and
      cannot understand anymore what are human rights, economy and corruption,

      Shame that mrs Beatrix, the head of state and queen, also a so called majesty, has abused the good name of human rights to serve her mixed unity of interests that in reality has a family name: corruption and more corruptions !

      Fake majesty, hypocrite and a liar; acting in a discriminatory way, violators of human rights, class justice, mixed unity of interests, corruption; in short you maintain a foolish democracy!

      Only Beatrix, her cronies of class justice know where Nathalee Holloway are!!!
      Beatrix, if you feel insulted, you know better than anybody else the way to clear your good name. And if not, you confirm as the head of state that I, mister Carlos Severino Tromp represents the naked truth and the pure truth!

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