Editorial: Manhunts and boycotts (Natalee Holloway)


In an Editorial form the Anniston Star we get the following, Manhunts and boycotts.

There are a couple of important facts that are put forth in this editorial that should make many in Aruba, those who seem to be anti-boycott or even against the Holloway and Twitty family for whatever reason to take notice.

Put yourself in that situation. Think of your children or children you know. It is frightening.

This question in itself may be impossible unless you have been exposed to this very situation. So many have told the Holloway’s and Twitty’s that they need to just walk away. They are conducting themselves in an improper manner. I hardly think anyone of us would give up on finding our child or answers to their disappearance.

It was this frustration, we are told, that inspired Gov. Bob Riley to urge Alabamians to boycott Aruba, assuming that economic pressure would make Aruban officials move faster. And in rapid succession leaders of the Alabama House and Senate vowed to introduce and push through a boycott resolution. Adding their voices to the boycott call were U.S. Senators Richard and Jeff Sessions.

In this editorial they make an interesting point about a presumed boycott but it hardly hits the point of what the affects are of an “unofficial” called for boycott. No one prior to the Alabama’s governor call for a boycott made it a point to state their was a boycott of Aruba. In fact many went out of their way to never use the term.

But the truth is, Alabamians have been boycotting Aruba since shortly after Natalee’s disappearance. Travel agencies report that reservations for the island are almost non-existent. Which begs the question of whether a boycott works. If we are boycotting and the investigation is not moving as fast as one might wish, then perhaps this boycott is counterproductive — as boycotts often are.

What is amusing to continually notice is the lack of understanding by many in the media of the Natalee Holloway story and the recently called for boycott. What makes this story so drastically different from many that have come before it is the following.

Officials in Aruba need to understand this — Natalee Holloway’s parents are not likely to give up until they are satisfied that nothing else can be done to find their daughter. And short of finding a missing child, alive or dead, no parent will ever be satisfied.

Many that question the boycott in the media and in Aruba are the same people who have questioned why the “Natalee Holloway” story is still in the news. In many respects they have all but called it not news. This story is not just within news circles it is reported in travel trade publications as well. The ground swell of support for this story is because it could happen to anyone out there. Every parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother or cousin can see the commonality in this story and wonder “what if”? For those that think a boycott will fail, serve no purpose or is a waste of time have obviously not been paying attention to the fact that the “Natalee Holloway” story has not gone away. Why do you think that is, if it were not for a public outcry and interest in the story?

The Natalee Holloway disappearance and ensuing flawed investigation has struck a nerve with many as to how something like this could happen. Its not a matter whether this a a so-called isolated incident as those who wish to spin this tragic event say. Try explaining to any parent that your missing daughter and a pathetic attempt at an investigation is an “isolated incident”? That is the PR dilemma that Aruba faced from the outset and one that many feel has been less than adequate.

What is to prevent the next “isolated incident” from being handled in the same manner? The events that transpired that fateful night in Aruba on Natalee Holloway’s last night on Aruba should never have translated into what has happened since. That is what is being questioned by many and individuals will deal with the response in their on way.

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