Natalee Holloway: Arlene Schipper discusses the “doctored” Dr Phil Tapes. Who knew the Dr Phil tapes caused so many problems.


Fox Big Story Nov 27, 2005 Arlene Schipper of The Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force discussed the alleged “altered” Dr. Phil tapes. Although at this point no one knows the truth of these tapes as no one has seen the actual NFI report as to what constitutes “altered” and no one has yet to hear the original Skeeter’s tapes that are said to be authentic. At this point one wonders who does not have an agenda with the outcome of the Natalee Holloway investigation. Some of the comments that Arlene made are puzzling at best.

From what I understand from the lawyer of Mr. Deepak Kalpoe, is from the get go when these tapes were broad-casted as the truth…the so called truth…they said very adamantly that the tapes had been altered and he did not say that.

What is a defense attorney going to say? They are real, that’s what my client said, he is guilty?

So this just goes to show you apparently these kinds of shows are not very interested in the truth, but only interested in ratings.

What is Aruba interested in? Tourism. Arlene acts like there is a one sided agenda. Hardly.

This tape is one of the corner stones of the boycott call.

Just one of the corner stones? Funny that the rest of the corner stones were not referenced. But then again, there is no agenda coming from The Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force (Aruba The Truth). Does anyone think that the Dr. Phil tape had anything to do with Dave Holloway, the final holdout with the boycott, to deciding to back the boycott?

Was the Dr. Phil tape responsible for any of the following events that have been cited for reasons of why the family supported a boycott? Wonder what Dave Holloway’s answer would be? So thus I guess the tape is responsible for so many things.

  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for the last three people to ever be seen with Natalee Holloway not being considered suspects from day one and arrested on suspicion of murder.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for two black security guards being falsely arrested and spending time in jail and having their homes searched.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for C&C allowing a minor to drink in their establishment and the casino to allow minors to gamble as well.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for 10 days going by and the three suspects not being arrested.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for the entire property of the Van der Sloots not to be searched.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for TES not getting the much needed help and equipment for searching and digging in the landfill.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for the continued lack of communication between the family, prosecution and the ALE.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible someone uttering the comment, “something bad happened” and then almost immediately having it retracted as if it was never said.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for Dompig not interviewing a witness that Dave Holloway asked to do as a personal favor that could be key to the investigation.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for Dompig not making the telephone call to the FBI so that TES could have the necessary technical equipment in order to do a deep water search and in turn left the island as they were denied.
  • The Dr. Phil tape was responsible for Dave Holloway losing his patience and getting fed up with the direction and lack of investigation for his daughter.

At this point, who knows how this tape was altered. We would like to know the answer to that question. The problem is that many Aruban officials have decided to focus on one thing, while there is a boat load of other issues that no one wishes to take the responsibility for. What about the rest of the Dr. Phil tape other than the “did or didn’t” part of it? There is an awful lot of other information on this tape and the originals of Jaime Skeeters, which we will remind everyone was said to be authentic. That original is the real evidence in this matter, not an edited made for TV one.

Of course everyone should want to know whether everything including a tape has been tampered with. The key word here is “everything”. Many find it rather ironic that the Dr. Phil tape is said to have been “manipulated”. Many feel that this investigation has been manipulated from the start, including Natalee Holloway’s family. That is the reason for the boycott … not a single tape of a TV show that may have been edited, altered or manipulated.

The rest of the interview: Hat Tip: SMS

Rick: Four days ago, Aruban police chief Gerold Dompig dropped a bombshell in the Natalee Holloway investigation. Saying tapes were tampered with. Tapes that suspect Deepak Kalpoe, on those tapes he says he admitted that all three suspects had sex with Natalee. Now there are questions about that tape. Some question that the tape may have been manipulated. Natalee’s family is outraged by the statement he made that the tapes may not be accurate. They think this may be an attempt by the Aruban police to thwart progress in the investigation. Meanwhile local Arubans are saying they knew the tapes were fake all along. Joining me on the phone is Arlene Schipper.

Rick: Did Deepak say that these boys … all three of them had sex with Natalee or didn’t he say it Arlene?

The rest of the interview

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