Aruba Boycott; JOE MAMMANA & Arlene Schipper, Things You Will Not hear in the MSM


Joe Mammana is never at a loss for words and can never be accused of holding back. Like it or not he speaks his mind. Joe Mammana was on Rita Cosby’s show yesterday opposite Arlene Schipper. There is a recipe for fireworks.

MAMMANA: So hide it. Don’t fabricate it. Hide it. You’re doing a good job at that. Hide it. That’s what you’re doing.

SCHIPPER: Mr. Mammana, there’s nothing about hiding. Cases like this happen all over. In Philadelphia, for instance…

MAMMANA: I’m not worrying about all over. I’m worrying about an American that you have on your island that we want back, cut and dry.

SCHIPPER: Mr. Mammana, if you would allow…

MAMMANA: The only thing I’m saying is, look, we’re not after the Aruban people. Nobody wants to hurt the Aruban people. You know what though? To me, I’m worrying about more than—one American to me is worth a million foreigners anywhere.

We want Natalee Holloway back. We want these pieces of trash that did something to her, who admitted it on a thousand other tapes that you people have that we have seen around the world, we want you to go and do something, take care of this, like—or take out your trash. Do something.
But do a public service. Go in there. Show the people. Get this blemish off the Aruban, and the Netherlands, and the Dutch people, and do what is right. Give her back to us, dead or alive. Bring her back to America where she belongs. She is one of us, cut and dry.

That was on TV. Go take a look at what Joe Mammana had to say off TV in a telephone conversation. Michelle had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mammana. Go see what Joe had to say.

Before everyone gets outraged at Joe’s comments, lets just say that many off camera say some off color comments including Arlene. I have had the opportunity to interview her live and in person. Although I promised Arlene I would never repeat what she said and will certainly honor it. Let’s just say that the fiery passion she displays on TV is nothing compared to live. Personally, I appreciate her non-PC attitude and approach. I just believe she is taking the wrong approach in this matter. Yes, I do believe that her Task Force has become defense council for the three suspects. You can defend Aruba without defending and attaching yourself to the three suspects. Lately those defending Aruba and its tourism have completely lost track of that fact.

The boycott was not called for because of these tapes. According to family members it was an accumulation of many events and frustrations. The Alabama legislature actually passed the resolution back in the early summer. However, the vigor that Arlene Schipper vilifies the tapes in question is more that of a defense attorney than it is a member of the Strategic task Force.

Even if the tapes are ever 100% completely proved to be “manipulated”, the boycott is not going away. The tapes were never a reason for Dave Holloway for supporting the boycott. If everyone remembers following the Dr. Phil Show, Dave said that he did not support the boycott position of Dr. Phil.

So why go after this tape like it was prosecution exhibit A against Aruba? They are against the suspects. We have seen less of an objection by the three suspects attorneys than we have Aruban officials and members of the Task Force and tourism.

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