Diario Asks the Simple Question … Mammana … Posner, What’s the Difference?


We were wondering when Jossy Mansur and Diario was going to do this story and pose the controversial yet obvious question. With the many critical news articles that Diario has been lately on the Natalee Holloway story, it was only a matter of time before this obvious question would be asked. There has been much publicity made by many on Aruba, including from the Aruban Strategic Task Force, regarding Joe Mammana’s criminal past. Diario asks the following question which will most likely be asked by many American media types as well in the coming days.

Now that the government refuses an American ex-criminal entry to Aruba, the government has to justify the reason why until today they continue to permit a person with such a police record such as Mike Posner, can come to set up a business in Aruba, continue to operate his business in Aruba and come and go whenever he wants.

What sort of handling of Justice is there in Aruba and what impact will this case have in the US when the American media start to question the government of Aruba about this matter?

Jossy Mansur and Diario pulling the hat trick going out on the journalistic limb stating the following in this article against the Aruban government, Posner and a rival news paper. We are wondering how that “freedom of the press” principle works in Aruba on this one?

What is strange is that the government refuses to let this ex-criminal enter Aruba, but on the other hand, permits another ex-criminal, Mike Posner who is going soon to the U.S. for cases of law violations, to be able to have a business in Aruba, and enter and leave Aruba whenever he wants.

It would appear that Diaro has some questions in todays newspaper. From Diario, November 21, 2005; Doà ±o di casino na Aruba cu pasado criminal pisa na Merca JOE MAMANA NO TA WORDE PERMITI PA DRENTA ARUBA PA SU PASADO CRIMINAL PERO CON A PARA CU MIKE POSNER?

Aruban casino owner with criminal past goes to America
Joe Mammana is not permitted to enter Aruba due to his past but how did we end up with Mike Posner?

ORANJESTAD (AAN) The case of Natalee is taking other unexpected twists and very negative ones that are going to tarnish Aruba’s image as a safe destination for tourists and investors.

Joe Mammana has a very impressive criminal past in the U.S. but for one reason or another he has found publicity with different cases which have set his image straight and in the case of Natalee, he is trying to find national attention in the US by using sensationalism via the American media.

The government of Aruba recently declared that they will not permit Joe Mammana to enter Aruba.

Related to his past and criminal record, the government took the decision via the Minister of Justice that they cannot let such a person enter Aruba and about this there was information circulating that this Joe person sent a threatening letter to those who were detained in Aruba related to the case of Natalee.

(The rest of the translation) Hat Tip: Get a Grip

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