Joe Mammana Emails Michelle, Cause MICHELLE SAYS SO!


It seems that Michelle got an email from Joe Mammana. Michelle writes about Joe, “I also admire the fact that he is putting his time, money and effort to help so many families that have missing loved ones. How often do you hear about a millionaire that puts all aside for this deep-rooted personal mission to help others”?

Whatever Joe’s past is which I am sure no one’s is perfect, Joe Mammana is trying to make whatever difference he can with families of missing persons. There are an awful lot of millionaires out there that are not lifting a finger to help anyone. That is their choice and their prerogative. However, why do people find fault with Joe because he does. He has never professed to being a choir boy. Ask the families of the may that had missing people that Joe tried to help and I wonder how they feel. Joe Mammana is unique and a breed unto himself. Sometimes thats exactly whats needed.

From MICHELLE SAYS SO, Joe’s email:

Beth Holloway Twitty stayed with me and my family last week in Philadelphia. I watched this mother cry. My family and I cried with her. Her tears are tears of pain, sorrow, loss. My mother’s tears are of sympathy. Mine, however ARE NOT — mine are of pure anger.

Read the rest of Joe Mammana’s email at Michelle’s blog

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