Joe Mammana Speaks Out; As Michelle Says So


Joe Mammana has his critics, he has his fans as well. Michelle over at Michelle Say So has done a nice article on the many lives that Joe has tried to help. Natalee Holloway is just one of the many that in his own way Joe Mammana has tried to aid. Some people find his non-PC way and honest talk refreshing while other seem to be intimidated.

In talking to Joe Mammana for the first time today one thing rang loud and clear. He is a many of focus, directions and perseverance. When he begins something, he does not end it until its conclusion. Joe stated today that he has already sent some of his people to Aruba and claims that they stayed at the Casa del Mar. Joe Mammana is a man of conviction and is upset that a US citizen could go missing on foreign soil and the investigation be as mishandled whether intentionally or not. Frankly many fall into the same category.

He got involved with the Natalee Holloway disappearance as he has with many. He was offended by the actions of others against an individual. His critics say that he has a past and for some reason paying for past crimes means nothing to them. None of us are perfect and Joe Mammana never claimed to be a choir boy. He has made mistakes, but what is he doing with his life now. The same thing that got him in trouble in the past? NO. For some reason Joe Mammana’s critics do not seem to care that he actually has done time for his crimes. Instead of focusing on the positive that Joe does by trying to aid families they just seem to focus on the past. Rather a sad commentary.

Joe Mammana is somehow guilty for helping families with missing children and adults. What a crime.

Joe M. Speaks Out Against His Critics Regarding His Missing Persons Crusade:

I am responding to the accusations that only missing white girls get the attention of the media, myself and help from missing person’s groups. This is absolutely false.

Read the full post on the many families that Joe Mammana has tried to help, which is a lot more than I can say about his many critics.

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    One Response to “Joe Mammana Speaks Out; As Michelle Says So”

    1. sue on November 17th, 2005 3:50 pm

      I agree his remarks were uncalled for and just plain rude.. But Dan doesnt care
      When I found a site that listed many lies and lack of proof for things he had posted he banned me from his site from posting (blush) i figure what is good for the good is good the the gander.. I told him also he is grasping at straws to get folks to blog there and it has come to be a huge bashing site.. there are a few good people there but will hopefully come here..

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