Natalee Holloway: Three-Quarters of Alabama Residents Support Aruba Boycott, Poll Says


More news on the Aruba boycott front from Alabama. A poll was taken by Alabama residents and it seems that seventy-five percent are in favor of AL Governor Riley’s call for a boycott of Aruba.

MOBILE, Ala., Ala. — Three-quarters of Alabama residents back the governor’s call for a travel boycott of Aruba to protest the island’s handling of the disappearance of teenager Natalee Holloway.

The poll, conducted by the Mobile Register and University of South Alabama and released Sunday, also found that seven out of 10 respondents would not travel to the Caribbean island even if they won a free trip.

As Michelle says over at”Michelle Says So“, The boycott will continue until the Holloway family gets answers.

With the amount of news articles in Aruban publications regarding the boycott there must be some concern on the island, even though they claim there has been no change. I do hope that those in Aruba do understand the enormity of this story and do not just listen to the many editorials in American newspaper’s claiming that a boycott is useless and will have no effect.

The poll, which was taken Monday through Thursday by the USA Polling Group, surveyed 400 adult residents of Alabama. The results carry a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

UPDATE: USA Today: Poll: Most Alabama residents support Aruba boycott

The comment from The American Society of Travel Agents, Bill Maloney, the group’s executive vice president was rather expected. Although it is not like this group does not have a self-serving agenda. Hardly objective in this matter, yet Bill Maloney makes the point that may have been stating even though he is against the boycott. Its all about freedom of choice.

The American Society of Travel Agents, the largest national association of the tourism industry, opposes a boycott. Bill Maloney, the group’s executive vice president, said a boycott would neither solve the crime nor guarantee justice.

“Rather, the people of Aruba will suffer for something that they did not do,” he said in a statement to the Mobile newspaper. “Travel is about the freedom of free people to go where and when they want. There is no evidence that a travelers’ boycott of Aruba will serve the cause of justice.”

Some how I think that maybe Bill Maloney might be singing a different tune if it were someone God forbid in his family. I would also state to Mr. Maloney, there is no evidence that a travel boycott of Aruba will not serve the cause justice. Who are you to say?

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