Mississippi State Senator Videt Carmichael wants Mississippi to join Alabama and Arkansas in the boycott of Aruba


Mississippi state Senator Videt Carmichael ,(R-Meridian), wants Mississippi to join Alabama and Arkansas in the boycott of Aruba. Videt Carmichael called Dave Holloway, a resident of Meridian to tell him of his plans to contact Mississippi governor Haley Barbour.

“I talked with Dave Holloway a few days ago because I wanted him to be OK with what I was doing,” Carmichael said. “I know the governor’s time has been taken with Katrina, but at the same time, this is a local person and it is time for me to do something.”

I think everyone can empathize with Dave Holloway as he gave this process to find his daughter more than ample opportunity. Now it would appear that Aruban officials have put Dave into a different category. Why? Because now he supports a boycott.

Dave Holloway said he is pleased that Carmichael called him, and he said he understands that the governor is busy dealing with Hurricane Katrina issues.

This is not a good sign for Aruba. As much as they claim the boycott is not affecting them and that there is no traction to a boycott; it seems as if there may be. Videt Carmichael stated that he will filed a resolution to support the boycott of Aruba.

Carmichael said he has filed a resolution is support of the boycott to be considered when the Legislature is in session in January.

(full Meridian Star article)

If the “Spin Machine” of Aruba continues to make the following insulting comments, they will only further the support of a boycott against Aruba. From Arubathetruth.com (Aruba Strategic Communication task Force), We hope, as always, that the United States citizens will be smart enough to see through the political expediency of this boycott.

So what you are saying that if someone disagrees with you they are stupid? The people of the United States are smart enough to see on incompetent investigation and spin when they see it as well. Will be smart enough, huh? One might say that the Task Force and their insulting responses may be responsible for many fence riding Americans to support a boycott.

How about less talk and more action, FIND NATALEE. You remember her?

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    1. Leo on December 20th, 2005 11:12 am


      Aruba is hoping he isn’t.

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