Natalee Holloway: Beth Twitty discusses Paul Van der Sloot, the three suspects and the tape ‘On the Record’


Greta Van Susteren, On The Record, November 14th, 2005

To understand Beth Twitty’s frustration in dealing with the investigation of her missing daughter Natalee Holloway one only needs to look to the following comments and hear what Deputy Police Chief Dompig has to say about Paulus Van der Sloot.

After Chief Dompig had mentioned on another media station that Paul Van der Sloot is not only a person of interest in the disappearance of Natalee but also after the fact I’m a little bit surprised. But, there again there have been so many strange twists in this investigation that it just doesn’t surprise me too much.

If the investigator thinks that a suspect was released from all responsibility, what does one think a parent would feel like? Let alone the fact that on other cable shows Dompig has stated that he believes the 3 suspects are responsible for Natalee’s disappearance, he just cannot prove it at this time.

Then there is the question that so many are commenting on that there is no evidence in this investigation. Yet we have the evidence of the bone and tape that were sent off to Holland weeks ago never to be heard from again. Folks, it does not take this long to prove whether a tape in authentic or not or if a bone is animal or human and if it is human, if there is a DNA match.

I can’t imagine Greta; I just simply cannot imagine that. I feel like we’ve waited…I can’t even think of how many weeks now it’s been that the taped interview of Deepak Kalpoe has been at the forensic institute in Holland. I just don’t know what they’re waiting on. If they are just stalling. They had already ruled the tape to be authentic in the United States; I just don’t know what is delaying this in Holland.

Every parent wants to believe that there is some shred of evidence that their child is still alive. They hang on to that to get them through each day as an investigation goes on and on and on. However, that is not to say that Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway are not also realists. They know what slim possibility exists that Natalee may still be alive; however, that does not mean as parents they do not have the right to hope and pray that be the truth no matter what small percentage. That is not the same right afforded to investigators. Their job is to solve this case and pursue leads that give them the greatest percentage of success, not follow theories that provide a minimal rate of return.

You know Greta whether it’s 80 percent to 20 or 99 to 1, even if it’s the 1% to 20% chance that they left Natalee on the beach after they participated in a gang rape, alive of course we want to pursue that. Of course, it doesn’t look good Greta….we know that. But we do get a couple of leads and we just want to follow up on them and rule them in or out Greta.

As time goes by we hear the many nay sayers who follow this investigation and even the PM of Aruba make comments that whats the big deal, there are so many missing person cases unsolved out there, what’s so special about this one? Rather than highlight the cases that are unsolved, I would tend to look at the many that have been since the Natalee Holloway investigation started. I would also say that law enforcement in the United States tends to have to deal with more than just one. Almost ever single high profile missing persons case that winds up with a sad outcome whether is be Taylor Behl, Olamide Adeyooye, Teresa Marie Halbach, Christie Wilson, Rosemary Reinel all seem to have one common denominator. Who was the last with the victim?

For those who say that too much time has been wasted or Beth and Dave should just give up, I say I hardly think you would be saying that if it were your child that went missing. And if you did, shame on you.

The rest of the Greta and Beth Twitty interview: (Hat Tip: SMS)

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