Dave Holloway: “So maybe they took a different avenue. Who knows?”


Dave Holloway went On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to discuss his recent trip to Aruba and meeting with the prosecutor. What did it accomplish, where is the investigation and Dave’s thoughts about the investigation and Joran Van der Sloot’s recent ‘Current Affair’ interview. A couple of key points come out in this interview as to who is doing the investigating/searching and some new wrinkles into Dave’s thinking.

(transcript from “On the Record,” September 28, 2005.)

VAN SUSTEREN: Dave, I guess I should first ask you how you’re doing. It’s been a long time since May 30. I know you’ve been back and forth to Aruba and still no sign of your daughter.

HOLLOWAY: Well, it stays on your mind every day. You just can’t keep thinking about what happened and try to theorize what took place that night. But you know, things are getting better, and we’re getting back to, I guess, a normal life, so to speak. But it’s still tough and it stays on your mind constantly.

Dave Holloway then discusses the meeting with the Prosecutor and politely as Dave always does talks of the communication that is needed and that everyone is on the same page in the investigation. A point that sadly must continue to be made four months into an investigation that has been the root of much frustration.

HOLLOWAY: Well, we discussed communications. That was one of the big issues. There seemed to be — you know, everyone was not really on the right page, and I wanted to just meet with them and, you know, Here’s my information. Here’s some tips and some information I received from the Web site that — or the e-mail address that we had set up: Helpfindnatalee@comcast.net. And I gave them a lot of that information. And I really wanted to talk to the police investigator. Since I had not spoken with Eric Sommers, I wanted to meet with him, get his take on where the investigation is heading and also provide him with some of these leads.

The following are a list of key points from the interview that should be made:
1) Have the suspects told the truth at all as to where they went?
2) Who is actually doing the searching
3) Dave’s thoughts on Joran Van der Sloot’s interview

Dave’s following comments have been some of my thoughts for quite some time and expressed to Dave Holloway in conversations. Because the three suspects have lied and Joran had openly admitted that they ALL agreed to lie to the police, one wonders whether they have told the truth about anything that happened that last night with Natalee Holloway? Did they ever even go to the lighthouse or the beach?

HOLLOWAY: Hey, let’s stop and regroup and then start all over and start thinking like these kids were thinking.

And you know, they came to the bar — and this is not anything that the detectives mentioned. But you know, you stop and think. A group of guys, they get to the bar 30 minutes before it closes, they’re not ready to stop partying. So you know, when they leave, do they really go to the beach or do they really go to the lighthouse? Maybe, maybe not. So maybe they took a different avenue. Who knows?

We just need to start thinking outside the box in this investigation and pursuing every lead that’s possible. In fact, I spoke with our attorney today. She said that any lead or tip that comes in is going to be fully investigated.

HOLLOWAY: You know, we discussed that and brain stormed. You know, really, Greta, the only thing that we know for sure is they left Carlos and Charlie’s, and you know, that left or right turn, you know, it’s a bunch of lies from there on out. So you really — you really don’t have anything to stand on.

Dave Holloway tells us of the recent search efforts that have been done; however, it appears that the searches have either been organized by Dave and the family and from tips they have received. There does seem to be some searching going on from the Prosecutors office though as it was referenced that fireman were searching wells.

HOLLOWAY: They are conducting searches, Greta. In fact, we had a tip that came in while I was there on the island. I couldn’t stand it, so I had to go look myself. And the police showed up early the next morning, cleared away — I was not able to go into the well, but they had a fireman go into the well, check it and cleared that area. Since then, they’ve conducted a dive search up under a cave that went up to the lighthouse. They cleared it. And then today, they did another dive search in a yacht basin.

When Greta asks Dave Holloway his impressions of the Joran Van der Sloots Current Affair interview Dave’s reaction is as follows:

No, not really. It just confirms that, you know, he continues to tell the stories. And he’s telling it to the American people now, you know, another pack of lies, I guess, so to speak, so… Maybe he’s telling the truth on this? No.

Ever the patient optimist Dave Holloway keeps the pressure on the investigation to move forward in Aruba. Dave makes a valid point when he states that he does not want to jump to any conclusions or have the prosecution rush a case forward without evidence.

I didn’t want them to jump to conclusions, make a charge and then, you know, what’s happened every time, you know, the judge dismisses the case. And the worst thing that can happen would be to rush in there and file charges and then the judge dismiss it. And then where are you?

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    13 Responses to “Dave Holloway: “So maybe they took a different avenue. Who knows?””

    1. E Saxxon on September 29th, 2005 9:35 pm

      I don’t understand why Dave Holloway doesn’t communicate with Beth Twitty.
      I mean, it seems kind of childish and ridiculous. I know they are divorced but this is to find their daughter. Can’t they be on speaking terms? Dave seems to have no idea what happened that night while Beth has told everyone what the transcripts say from Joran’s confession about him taking Natalee to his house and having sex with her while she was coming in and out of conciousness and where Joran even described Natalee’s undergarments and other details that he could have only known if he had carnal knowledge of her. Dave hasn’t heard of this information? It’s strange that both parents seem to be on two different pages.

    2. GG on September 29th, 2005 10:20 pm

      Left or right? Dave, you can only make a right from Carlos ‘n’ Charlies. It is on a one way street, and you have to drive around the block to get back to the main street.

    3. 3xangels on September 29th, 2005 10:59 pm

      Now I understand how you come up with some of those comments/attacks on other posts GG . Pretty narrow minded analysis of what Dave actually means. Too funny.

    4. Scared Monkeys » » National Enquirer: Joran Van der Sloot: “He said Natalee then asked him, ‘Do you want to go home with me”? on September 29th, 2005 11:27 pm

      [...] . Then as many have speculated and even commented on last night by Natalee’s father Dave Holloway during an interview with Greta Van Susteren: But you know, you stop and think. A group of guy [...]

    5. Scared Monkeys on September 30th, 2005 1:31 am

      Folks … comments are a privilege and not a right.

      We have the right to delete any comment that is libelous, lewd and in poor taste or inappropriate.

      Please keep that in mind when commenting. Also, please no personal attacks.

      Thank you, R

    6. g on September 30th, 2005 3:39 am

      Who in the world said that Dave and Beth don’t communicate?? There were not in communication with the prosecutor or with the investigation team in Abuba!! Please be more careful and read a bit closer!!!!!!!!! Beth and Dave had a good relationship!

    7. Gabriel Leo on September 30th, 2005 7:23 am

      Don’t you guys think maybe Dave and Beth have different point of views and iterests and that’s why Dave doesn’t back Beth 100% of the way?

    8. Linda in L.A. on September 30th, 2005 12:06 pm

      Good for Dave…he’s doing a great job…so is Beth. While I still believe she was drugged…and gang raped…I was thinking about what Dave said about rethinking everything we know or “think” we know. The only thing we really know is she had been drinking, left with the 3 boys, was raped or had sex with “all of us” (Deepak’s words not mine…I call that rape). We know that she never got back to the hotel. So what needs to be worked on is what happened between “we all had sex” and the following morning.

      I’ve thought up one scenario…TOTALLY all in my head ok? No evidence whatsoever…purely theory. I want to say that because its not that I believe its what happened…its because I started thinking after re-reading everything on here last nite…that we all (including me) keep pushing our opinions about Dave and Beth, Joran, Deepak and Satish, Jorans family, the Twitty family. What good is that doing to find Natalee??? We all have our opinions about that…maybe one or two people might change their opinions by reading something on here…but basically…so what?

      There’s a lot of people on here who are hurting…whether its for Natalee, for Joran, for their country…whatever…they are hurting. Lets start listing different scenarios that “could” have happened. But what would be great is to list it and fine…discuss it….and then put it on the backburner of the stove and move on to someone else’s. I’ve certainly been guilty of doing that…and I’m not going to anymore ok?

      If we all decide to do this…lets decide not to put someone down for their theory. Lets just discuss it…as unemotionally as we can…no names, just discussion ok? In discussing it…we don’t need to agree with the theory…its just a discussion. I’ll start out with 2 theories here.

      1) Bizman believes the Twitty twins could have met Natalee on the beach after Joran dropped her off and argued over how she had behaved and something happened to her. As far as I know…he has no “proof” of that…its his feelings…and ya know…thats ok. Its stated as a theory…not a fact.

      2) In thinking about what Dave has said about different roads…I was thinking last night…after raping Natalee…is it possible that Joran did indeed drop her off at the beach and leave her alone. Now I’m not thinking someone just happened along…but could it be possible he called someone to “deal” with Natalee? If you think about her state after being raped…if she were still alive…I would think they would need to get her quietly out of the house. What better way then to tell her they were taking her back to the hotel if she would cooperate?

      I hate to keep harping on the same thing…but I will for this first post…these are ONLY theories…but since for the most part we can’t really have access to documented proof…what better way to try and help?

      If you feel like doing this…please give pros and cons to what I said…and/or offer a scenario you have been working on. Thanks for listening.

    9. bodaciousdeb on September 30th, 2005 3:44 pm

      What I find bothersome is he sounds so vague. It makes you feel like he is not telling what the prosecutor said. I am still not over them releasing these boys and don’t think they are going to do anything.

    10. jeannie on October 1st, 2005 4:09 pm

      i watched the interview between greta & dave i always felt like he had more commonsense then beth
      beth throws anything out there before she has it proven
      there is no HARD EVIDENCE that natalee was kidnapped rapped or murdered
      there is so much about the men giving 27 different stories—–but do we know for sure? the aruban goverment do not releash any of the statements that were giving
      all the false withnesses the duct tape a belt a belt & then abarrel
      then there was friction between the two search teams
      if this case gets solved it will because of dave
      just because he isint in front of the camera {like beth } dont mean he cares less
      beth is making it hard on herself by bashing the arubans they have bent over backwards to help

    11. Cheyenne on October 1st, 2005 7:18 pm

      bodaciousdeb- You are right Dave is vague and he will continue to be that way. He has said repeatedly that HE will not come out to the media and reveal what the ALE are investigating or the evidence if any is discovered. Dave is not Beth. He doesn’t run and tell all he knows. He has a good working relationship with ALE and he gives them high marks on their investigation. I think Dave has enough common sense to know this is a very tough case.

      I always believed that these three would be released. Not one known fact shows that they did anything to Natalee. To this day Natalee could be alive just as easily as she could be dead.

      I AM very glad that Dave is not closed minded and is willing to be open to all possibilities. I fully respect this wonderful devoted father.

    12. Cheyenne on October 1st, 2005 7:46 pm


      How can we just ASSUME that Natalee was drugged or even raped by anyone including these three? I think Deepak is just trying to hurt Beth and talking trash talk about NH because of the harassment he has received from Beth.

      None of us even know Natalee that well and those that do would be more inclined to protect the truth, like the MB students who are more silent than a crypt. It is proved over and over everyday in this country that parents really have no clue what their child is capable of doing. I am not even saying that Natalee had willing sex, I think there was no sex between these three but IMO an 18 year old girl does not need to be drugged or raped to have sex.

      These boys have been so thoroughly investigated and all have been set free. I am much more interested in others that were there on Aruba that night she went missing. I want to know who’s male dna was on NHs toothbrush that was retrieved from her room. I am more interested in learning what she did for the five days she was there on the island. Did Natalee find someone else appealing before she met Joran…someone she hung around with and maybe even had some type of sexual contact with? If so, were they in her group from MB or another islander? Did they see her with Joran and get very angry with Natalee?

      I think it is someone unknown to us……someone overlooked. I hope ALE go back and look at this case from a different angle all together. I hope they follow up on ALL tips fully. Not just tips on the three mentioned. I haven’t written off any of the male students from MB or any Aruban that had been watching her all week.

      I think it may have been someone on the beach near the fisherman’s hut that was watching Natalee and Joran and saw Joran walk off and leave her alone on that beach. I think it was a crime of opportunity to seize what was so easy to take.

      I do not believe Joran had anything to do with it at all. I do wonder about Deepak as he was to pick Joran up but never did. Did he come back later, had he taken Satish home and that was why he was late? I dont know but I do wonder……….did he search the beach looking for Joran and found Natalee laying there sleeping hard from drinking way too much? Maybe.

    13. Linda in L.A. on October 2nd, 2005 9:25 pm

      Hi Cheyenne…your entry…and mine…shows the difference between the beliefs of people who think Joran is guilty or not guilty. First I will say again…I’m not ruling anyone out…I’m only expressing why I feel Joran is guilty.

      If Deepak said all he said just to hurt Beth…he’s a very stupid person. In the middle of an investigation like this…he says what he did to hurt her? No…he said what he said because its true.

      None of us do know Natalee. And she very well could have met someone during the week there…could have even had an affair with this person. But if that is true…what’s your take on why she was not with anyone at the bar and asked Joran to meet her there?

      I agree we can’t assume Natalee was drugged. It sounds like it…but to assume it as fact…no. I certainly hope the investigators are looking into other possibilities. I agree there with you. But when you have 2 out of the 3 suspects spouting off what they are saying…I think it would be normal to put your energies into them first.

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