Geraldo Rivera interviews Dave and Robin Holloway, and Beth Holloway Twitty


Last night Geraldo Rivera interviewed Beth Holloway Twitty, and then interviewed Dave and Robin Holloway. The interviews are instructive as they show that Beth and Dave, the divorced parents of Natalee Holloway, different stories. Beth is under the impression that the prosecutor is off the island and unavailable. Meanwhile, Dave is meeting with the prosecutor for 4 hours, and that they have new information and are working on the case.

This is disturbing on many levels, but that there are many stories coming off of Aruba is not surprising. This whole case has been hounded by false starts, innuendo, lies, and desception. It would be nice if for one day, we have just one story, consistancy in the presentation of the case, and the impression of a solid process being followed.

Following are the transcripts from last nights Big Show. Thanks to SunMoonStars for translating.

Dave and Robin Holloway Interviewed by Geraldo Rivera – September 17th, 2005

Geraldo: What do you think of the audio tape of Deepak?

Dave: It just confirms what we had felt all along, that something did happen and he confirmed it.
Geraldo:Then he went on to attack Natalee’s reputation and character I guess to support his justification for his actions
Dave: We felt all along something like that happened, he just confirmed it

Geraldo: Do you think he would make such a damning confession to a total stranger about the night Natalee disappeared?

Dave: He has talked before, apparently he is talking again, so that wouldn’t surprise me at all

Geraldo: Do you think that the absence of the intense media attention has caused the media to back off?

Dave: In fact, I met with the prosecutor yesterday for about four hours. We discussed the process of the case and where we were going. And you know, kind of a plan of action. I met with the police today for about four hours and they are just as hungry to resolve this case as we are. They are determined to continue investigating and look at every lead and tip that may come about. In fact, we had received some leads at our During our time without power, we received a lot of tips and leads and I was able to share them with the police today.

Geraldo: Anything new that you can share with us any new or promising tip?

Dave: Well, that is one of the promises that I made the prosecutor was that we would not divulge any information that may damage the case. I made that promise, and I have to stick to it.

Geraldo: Any results on the Dna results?

Dave: I am not sure any dna was taken. It was taken, but it was not allowed


Beth Holloway Twitty Interviewed by Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo: Make clear to us all where these statements come from that Joran made?

Beth: Well, the statements were given by Joran and Deepak. Printed in Dutch and two aruban attorneys translated for me. In the statements, Joran is the only one admitting to having sex with Natalee. The admission of sex from Deepak in a taped confession to Jamie Skeeters, he admitted to a gang rape of her. That all three had sex with her.

Geraldo: What exactly did Joran say?

Beth He drove to her his home, stamped with date and time of 1:40 am May 30th and had sex with her

Geraldo: Then what does he say happened?

Beth: After that, Geraldo..I don’t have the documents with me he began then talking about fishermens huts

Geraldo: Where does he talk about her lapsing in and out of consciousness?

Beth: He speaks of that in several of his statements. Not only does he say she was coming in and out of consciousness once, but twice. She is repeatedly falling asleep and waking up, she clearly was drugged, Geraldo.

Geraldo: Former special agent, Harold, what exactly did Deepak confess to in his interview where he was polygraphed essentially?

Harold: What he said basically is what Beth just mentioned. That they had sex, when they left C&C she was very intoxicated almost couldn’t walk. That she wanted to drive the car, but they wouldn’t let her. They drove and went to the lighthouse and then came back to the fishermen huts.

Geraldo: All of them, Joran, Satish and Deepak all raped her…or had sex with her in Deepak’s words?

Harold: In Deepak’s words, they all had sex with her.

Geraldo: As she was in her drunken stupor?

Harold: That is correct

Geraldo: I can’t imagine knowing what you know and having to keep silent. How do you keep up this fight?

Beth: You know Geraldo, it is so difficult. The supporters have been huge, the involvement from Harold and his partner that were on the island. They were able to obtain another interview with Nadira, the Kalpoes mother. She destroys their alibi single handedly during this interview. It is just incredible the glaring evidence that has now been brought forward. We have to see the rearresst of these suspects.

Geraldo: What is the significance of the huts?

Harold: This is astounding, because what happened the night after Natalee disappeared three out of four huts had been broken into.
A knife was missing from one, a filet type knife with a steel shank
When I interviewed the fisherman, he said he had forgotten to tell the police. He called them, they havent responded according to him.
There was a cage that they use to trap fish. Big enough to put a body in, he said that was missing

Geraldo: What does that tell you Harold?

Harold: It tells me that they might have taken Natalee out into the water. You only have to go out about 3/4 of a mile and it drops down to about 40 ft. Strong currents, strong wind

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