Natalee’s Mom Reacts to Deepak’s Carlos ‘n Charlie’s Video & New Allegations


Last night on Scarborough Country Beth Holloway Twitty reacts to the video tape of Deepak Kalpoe being seen entering Carlos ‘n Charlie’s. (Full transcript) What a comparison. One one hand we have Beth on Aruba separated from her family, friends and life back in Alabama frantically trying to find her missing daughter and then we have Deepak just going back to Carlos n’ Charlie’s like nothing has ever happened.

The quote of the show and all one has to understand about the philosophy of an establishment like Carlos n’ Charlie’s is the following:

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: You know, Joe, what angers me the most is that Deepak Kalpoe, being a suspect, is allowed to enter Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, where, Joe, I can’t even keep a poster of my daughter hanging in the establishment. I can’t—I have put one up there so many times, and I can’t even keep one in their bar.

The interview continues …

SCARBOROUGH: Thanks, Michelle.

Now let’s bring in Natalee Holloway’s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty.

Beth, yesterday, we showed everybody for the first time exclusive tape of Deepak going back to the alleged scene of the crime, going back into Carlos ‘n Charlie’s. What was your reaction the first time you saw that tape?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY, MOTHER OF NATALEE HOLLOWAY: Well, you know, Joe, I only saw just a brief clip of it.

You know, I am just—I am absolutely amazed and it’s just incredible that he would even enter the establishment under these circumstances. And it just shows that he just doesn’t seem to have any regard. And it’s really—to me, I am so disappointed. And Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, I mean, you know, not only do they allow the suspect that kidnapped Natalee from their establishment to reenter it, and we—you know, it just amazes me.

And here, they have allowed Joran Van Der Sloot to enter it just senselessly under age. If they had never been in there, this would have never happened to my daughter.

SCARBOROUGH: Is there possibility of a civil lawsuit against this establishment at some point for allowing these underage people to go in there to and prey on young women? I mean, we are hearing reports now of other young women being preyed upon at this establishment. Is there a possible civil lawsuit against them in the future?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Joe, I only have one goal right now, and that’s just to take Natalee home. That’s all I have. That’s all I came to this island for, and that’s all I want to go with.

SCARBOROUGH: You have got to be angry, though, at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, at the very least, for, again, allowing this sort of abusive behavior to continue, allowing under aged kids to go into bars and prey on -on—on locals.

You said, in fact, that, when you first got there and described this Dutch boy, everybody knew who he was immediately. So, it’s not like it was like New York City and they didn’t know what this guy was doing every night, right?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh, oh, exactly.

You know, we were merely able to just describe, describe Joran with only a part, a portion of his name. And they knew immediately who he was, and the quote was from an employee that he tends to prey upon European and American female tourists.

SCARBOROUGH: And they knew that, and yet they allowed him to continue to go in and prey on people. And, of course, the results have been so tragic in this case.

I want to ask you about the other women, though, reports coming forward. Clint Van Zandt went deep inside the investigation last week, found out that other women had allegedly been complaining about possibly being drugged and raped by Joran Van Der Sloot. What is your response to this new information coming in?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh, I’m not surprised at all.

And, you know, Joe, this is courageous of these young women to come forward like this. And, you know, and it’s not easy. And I totally can see why this young girl contacted an attorney first. You know, my experience, contacting the police first, you know, I really was not treated with any sense of urgency. So, you know, I think that I know why she went that route.

And I think that, you know, I really respect her for doing this, and I just hope that, once she has received—you know, giving her statement, that she is just treated with respect and dignity and not just interrogated over something like this, or I just—it’s just—it’s just very difficult for these young girls to come forward.

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