Harassment? Profiles in Courage from Deepak


While Beth Holloway Twitty tries to find answers, clues and leads into the disappearance of her daughter, Natalee Holloway; her confrontation his suspect Deepak Kalpoe yesterday is said to be harassment? Deepak Kalpoe, a 21-year-old Suriname national, “who had been detained in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway complained to authorities Tuesday that her mother has been harassing him.”

A man who had been detained in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway complained to authorities Tuesday that her mother has been harassing him.

Deepak Kalpoe, a 21-year-old Suriname national, asked that Beth Holloway Twitty stay away from him, said police Inspector Carlos Sarge.

Sarge said police would ask her to stay away from Kalpoe.

Holloway Twitty declined to comment on the complaint. “I’m just going to try to continue getting answers about my daughter,” she said.

Holloway Twitty has repeatedly said she believes the three young men were involved in Natalee’s disappearance — allegations that they have denied.

The complaint came after Holloway Twitty confronted Kalpoe Monday and asked him about her daughter’s disappearance. The scene was filmed by television.

This is an amazing turn of events from Deepak Kalpoe in dealing with this situation. It is my understanding that Deepak was still a suspect even though he had been let out of prison according to the Prosecutor’s office. I will say this, first Deepak threatens a lawsuit when Beth Holloway-Twitty made the reference that the Kalpoe brothers were criminals and knew what happened to her daughter. Now he complains to the authorities that he is being harassed? Every legal expert in Aruba stated on the MSM shows last night that there is no grounds for anything that Deepak claims. From Scarborough Country (full transcript) last night comes the following from Holloway -Twitty family attorney, Benvinda De Sousa:

SCARBOROUGH: Get us up—get us up to date with this complaint that has been filed against your client, Beth Holloway Twitty.


Deepak Kalpoe filed a complaint today with the Aruban police, based on harassment. He obviously felt harassed by her visit to him, and he felt not at ease by her questions. And he wants to prevent her from visiting him again.

Well, I can tell you one thing, that anybody who thinks that he has been harassed or is not as ease by anybody’s questions—we live in a free country—it is a democratic country—can file the complaint, but the complaint has to be based on truth. It is my understanding that Beth went to visit. She developed some pictures. Deepak was there. And she just asked him some questions, and that is a far cry from harassment.

So, I am not worried about that at all.

SCARBOROUGH: What is the standard in Aruba? You talk about living in a free country. Obviously, Beth is free to go develop pictures in an Internet cafe, if she wants. And at one point does it become harassment? At what point does it become stalking? Obviously, this is in a public setting. So, is the standard, if she goes in and she is peaceful and she doesn’t threaten him, she can keep going back as much as she wants?

DE SOUSA: Well, basically, she can.

I mean, she is free to talk to anybody she wants, and if the person she is talking to doesn’t want to talk to her and feels harassed or threatened in any way, is free to file a complaint. But, then again, like I told you before, it is a far cry from that. It is a public place. It is an Internet cafe, where everybody can go and sit behind a computer and surf the Web or chat or do whatever they want.

SCARBOROUGH: What has her response been to this harassment charge being filed against her by Deepak, again, a guy who many people believe may have had something to do with Natalee’s disappearance and possible murder?

DE SOUSA: I agree.

Why should we believe what he stated in his complaint? I mean, he has lied before. He was one of the last three persons to be seen with Natalee. And he has no credibility whatsoever, so why would he have credibility in his complaint? I think the mother is much more to believe. And if—I would say completely to believe, and she is honest in trying to find answers as to where her daughter is at.

And I understand perfectly that a mother would want to talk to one of the last persons to have been seen with her daughter, for all we know, alive.

I would think it is rather embarrassing for Aruban’s that this kind of behavior be Deepak is what the world is seeing that represents the island. Not just standing up and answering some questions of a desperate mother, but rather to hide behind harassment charges. True profiles in courage.

From Fox News, Harassment Complaint Against Natalee’s Mom (Video also available)

ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Deepak Kalpoe filed a complaint against Natalee Holloway’s mother Tuesday, claiming he felt he was threatened by her actions at his place of work, Fox News has confirmed.

Beth Holloway Twitty confronted him Monday at the Internet cafe where he works, spending about 90 minutes peppering him with questions.

Kalpoe’s lawyer has sent her a letter warning that if she does it again, he will file for a restraining order against her.

It is interesting for all to see the drastic comparison of two individuals. In one corner Beth Holloway Twitty who has against all odds managed to keep her daughter’s disappearance in the forefront of the media and has acted with all the vigor and courage that any of us would be proud of. As I said to her personally last Thursday, “Beth, what you have done has simply been amazing and know that there are so many people back in the US and everywhere that admire what you have done, that are behind you, and are proud of your selfless actions to find Natalee.” Compare that position with that of Deepak’s who runs to an attorney and claims harassment charges instead of just answering simple questions. The contrast between the two could not be greater. A mother willing to do anything to find answers as to the disappearance of her missing daughter and Deepak running and hiding behind harassment charges and his attorney. One wonders why Deepak would just not say he knows nothing as compared to he does not need the money as was reported?

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