Robert Abel Dies; Suspected Suicide?


Here is a twist of fate and poetic justice Texas style. According to sources the prime suspect in the Calder Rd murders in League City, TX has allegedly committed suicide last Thursday or Friday. What are the Calder Road murders you ask? This was the murder of Tim Miller’s daughter Laura in 1984. Yes the same Tim Miller, founder of EquuSearch, who has been helping aid in the search for Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

ABC13 Eyewitness News
(9/10/04 – HOUSTON) — It was 20 years ago Friday that 16-year-old Laura Miller disappeared from League City. Laura was Tim Miller’s daughter and what he went through trying to find his missing daughter inspired him to start Equusearch.

Miller says it hasn’t been easy dealing with his daughter’s death. Her killer has never been found. But on Friday, he told us he knows Laura did not die in vain.
Miller placed a cross he made where her body was found 17 months after she disappeared. Three other bodies were found near the same location, called the ‘killing fields.‘ And now, 20 years later, he still grieves and he’s still angry.

It was because of that painful, traumatic event of losing his daughter that gave rise to the founding of EquuSearch.

The pain and trauma of losing his daughter still shadows Miller even though he goes through his daily routines. But he says something good came out of all that grief and that was the founding of Equusearch.

“I myself, out of twenty plus Amber Alerts in the Houston area, I myself have handed three children back to their parents,” he said. “If Laura was alive, I wouldn’t have done that.”

Robert Abel was one of the alleged prime suspects in the abduction and murder of Tim Miller’s daughter along with the 3 other victims found on Calder Rd back in the 80′s. He is a former NASA engineer. According to sources:

He died in Belleville under mysterious circumstances at his ranch as he was hit by an oncoming train last Thursday morning while driving his “over-sized golf cart”, or small utility vehicle. There were no mechanical problems with vehicle and no suicide note. However, the train very easy to see and hear for miles and ran a regular schedule.

Please read this amazing account of Robert Abel and the information that was gained that linked him to the murderers that made him allegedly the most obvious prime suspect in the murder of Tim Miller’s daughter and others.

Is Robert Abel getting away with murder?, Texas Monthly, October 1999, at 126

Lawmen think the retired NASA engineer could be responsible for the deaths or disappearances of several young women who lived in the coastal plain between Houston and Galveston. There’s only one problem: They don’t have enough evidence to arrest him. In fact, they don’t have any.

Tim Miller, whose sixteen-year-old daughter, Laura, was found dead in the killing fields, is so convinced of Abel’s guilt that he has left threatening messages on his answering machine, demanding that he confess. “There are many days when I think about driving over there, putting a gun to his head, and pulling the trigger,” Miller says. “When I’m near him, I feel like I’m in the presence of evil.”

Yet there are problems with the allegations against Abel: Not a shred of physical evidence has ever been found linking him to the four women found dumped in the oil field, no evidence has been uncovered by any police department that can connect him to the murders they have been investigating, and no witness can place him with any of the teenagers or women before they were found dead. What’s more, he has never been arrested for any crime, nor is there any known record of a criminal complaint filed against him. “My life has been destroyed, my reputation ruined,” Abel told me when I first met him earlier this year. “I didn’t kill any of those girls. I wouldn’t know how to kill.”

Read the entire article. Coincidence, I rather doubt it.

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