From todays Diario News paper, pg 3:

(Translated To English by Aruba Girl)

Park Rangers gave everything to police

Oranjestad (AAN): Tortuga Bay is a very known bay to authorities since this is a bay where in the past even drugs washed to shore or drug traffickers came to shore with drugs.

Sunday morning this bay was the special attraction when the park rangers who were on the move checking the coasts came to discover a duck tape with a certain amount of blond hair stuck on it.

Looking at the latest event in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway immediately the police were notified who also went to move some people for this case [referring to the duck-tape find ---arubagirl] Even Search and Rescue Aruba and then Texas Equu Search were notified and they put a team available to begin to search. Police Commissioner Coysi Krozendijk of district 3 San Nicolas also made his presence to the site to that he could support his colleagues where some divers were lowered into the sea, use was made of a helicopter and also dogs were used to search in the area.

The duck tape with the blond hair will be searched and sent to a laboratory where they’ll first find out if it is the hair of a female and finally if it is Natalee’s.
The pictures show a diver in the sea, two men on the cliffs, and then a wide angle where the two men are on it and you can see more of the area. And that area is NOT the Natural Pool specifically. I can’t make out the uniforms of the two men, so I don’t know if they’re park rangers, Search and Rescue Aruba or cops.

Update: From Diario (Papiamentu and pictures)

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