Diario: I Would have Sued those Responsible for the Tape Manipulation


Diario; December 27, 2005

Instead of suing, I would think that the Aruban consultants would tell Joran to stop talking. Every word out of his mouth becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

den entrevista via telefon cu Joran van der Sloot: “AMI SI LO A DEMANDA ESNAN RESPONSABLE PA MANIPULACION DI E TAPE”, refiriendo na e supuesto manipulacion di e grabacion di Deepak

In a telephone interview with Joran van der Sloot
I would have sued those responsible for the tape manipulation Referring to the supposed manipulation of the Deepak recording

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Recently, DIARIO obtained an interview with Joran van der Sloot via telephone and asked him how he’s doing now that he’s back in Aruba.

As it is known, Joran arrived in Aruba on the 14 of December to spend Christmas and New Year’s with his family, after he left for Holland a few months ago to study.

He confirmed to DIARIO that he’s studying International Business and that it is going very well.

He explained that he still has not gone to any parties [in Aruba], but he has received visits from friends and family and is enjoying his time with loved ones.

DIARIO asked him if he’s recognized on the street, and he said that it’s true that this is the case.

At the time where he goes out, different people recognize him and wish him a merry Christmas and a happy new year for him and his family.

Joran explained to DIARIO that he cannot talk about the details of the case, until it is resolved, but he said that he does not believe that it is fair what Natalee Holloway’s mother is trying to do to Aruba, in regards to the boycott.

(full translation)

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