Bones? More Possible Evidence Not Looked Into?


As reported last night on CNN – Paula Zahn, Paul Reynolds, Natalee Holloway’s uncle is stating that he has learned of more possible evidence that may have not been looked into. After hearing the interview, I spoke with Paul to get the facts that had been brought to his attention.

After talking with EquuSearch the yesterday, the non-profit search group that Paul was instrumental in helping bring to Aruba to help search for Natalee, Paul was made aware of the following:

Last week, Wednesday, two tourists were snorkeling in shallow water and came across two bones.

They took the bones to the Aruban Police station.

Since last Wednesday nothing had been done with the bones. When asked whether the police had done anything or examined the bones they said, not yet. The individual that could examine them was unavailable, on vacation or out of the country.

To make matters worse when the police received the bones they also did not contact EquuSearch of the possible lead to search. Last Wednesday EquuSearch had forensic divers in Aruba that would have been able to have searched the area that the bones were found. Unfortunately those divers have since returned to the US.

I would believe stories like this that occur have to make Natalee’s family wonder and worry about the investigation. When added to other misadventures in the investigation and questionable events in the beginning it certainly makes me skeptical. When asked of Paul’s reaction to these events he said similar to his previous comments, “Kind of Unbelievable! I would hate to think that the investigation is being handled in such a manner.”

Developing …

UPDATE: Paul Reynolds will also be on Scarborough Country this evening at 10:00 pm EDT discussing these events and others.

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Natalee Holloway | 2 comments

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