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Today in Aruba could set the stage for the future of the Natalee Holloway investigation in Aruba. With Joran Van der Sloot appealing his arrest and Prosecutor appealing the Kalpoe brother’s release; today marks a turning point in the investigation.

According to Fox News, Alicia Acuna, and sources close to the investigation it has been stated:

“Don’t be surprised if there is a number of re-arrests”. Also that “some forensic & technical evidence is back and tips in the favor of the prosecution.

We have certainly heard bold statements leaked and from the Prosecutors Office in the past like, “Dont be surprised if all 3 could be charged on Monday.” Let’s just hope that this information is a bit more credible, for the families sake.

The three Judge panel from Curaà §ao will hear the appeals and deliberate their ruling. One can only speculate as to what the new evidence that is back from Holland and how it will sway the judicial decisions.

>>> UPDATE: Wonder what this could be about? ( AG gives chief district attorney an official warning

ARUBA — Reliable sources told Amigoe that chief district attorney Karin Janssen has received an official warning from Attorney General Theresa Croes-Fernandes. However, nobody in the Public Prosecutor (OM) wants to give a reaction on the warning.

Janssen doesn’t want to answer the question on the reason for the reprimand. Also the Attorney General didn’t want to talk to the Amigoe. The spokesperson of the OM indicated not knowing anything about a warning. We know for a long time already that the working atmosphere within the OM is not good. The Holloway-case doesn’t help the mutual relation. The OM is under big pressure to solve this case. In addition, the son of the AG was convicted in the Netherlands for the smuggling of drugs. He was not acquitted in the Court of Appeals like his mother asserted. He is not in prison because, while in custody, he has already served the time he was sentenced. This painful situation seems to contribute to the tense working relation inside the OM.

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