Beth & Jug Twitty On Scarborough Country; An Emotional Interview


From Scarborough Country, Beth & Jug Twitty show emotions that have yet been seen on camera since the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and was a bit gut wrenching. I had been informed in advance that this interview would be different from many previous ones; it certainly was.

I have not seen Beth cry yet on camera and frankly it was a bit difficult to watch. My heart goes out to her, as she is being interview she breaks into tears asking for her child to be found. She also said that there must have been more people involved.

In a stunning announcement, Jug Twitty said,

“If they let them walk on this island after what Beth and I know. There is a lot of information that we have that we cannot share because it would jeopardies the investigation but if they let them walk we can share it and it will be devastating. The United States and the World will be amazed”.

WATCH THE VIDEO courtesy of Blogs For Natalee. Everyone must watch this interview.

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