Church Services for Natalee Holloway


Across the island of Aruba tourists and Arubans alike came together in prayer for missing teen Natalee Holloway’s safe return and for her family.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Islanders and tourists attended church services Sunday to pray for a missing Alabama honors student, and defense lawyers for two men detained in connection with her disappearance said there was not enough evidence to continue holding them.

With all the back and forth news reports and retractions lately regarding this story; a day of prayer and putting perspective on what this story is all about was the order of the day. In churches and chapels across Aruba many came in prayer and support for Natalee Holloway and her return.

“I just hope they find her so the family can have closure,” said Valerie Stanton, 35, a computer technician from Washington who prayed for Holloway at the Alto Vista chapel outside the capital. “This could happen in any city and it’s unfortunate a dark cloud is now over the island because people here are so nice.”

At the Santa Ana Catholic church in Noord, also outside the capital, the Rev. Rudy Lampe told about 300 parishioners to “pray to give the family an oasis of peace.”

“Today we stand with the family of Natalee,” Lampe said. “This is the first time something like this has happened on our island so we are all in shock.”

Pictures of Holloway were posted at the church entrance.

Tourists and local residents said that despite their prayers, hope was fading that Holloway would be found alive.

“We’ve been following this our entire vacation,” said 57-year-old Barb Bickham, who arrived from Binghamton, N.Y., with her husband just before Holloway went missing. “It’s not realistic that she’s found alive, but we still pray she is found safe.”

From AP come some pictures from Aruba of the day of prayer for Natalee Holloway.

Pictures from local Aruban prayers.
Alto Vista chapel in Noord, Aruba
Wall of hope,” from Mountain Brook, AL
Yellow ribbons outside Holiday Inn in Aruba
Yellow ribbons in Mountain Brook, AL

Lets all take a moment to remember what this story is all about and remember to say a prayer for Natalee. Remember the family and the grief that they are going through. Pray for Natalee’s safe return and that her family friends and loved ones be given the strength to deal with this overwhelming task at hand. God Bless.
Red & Tom

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Natalee Holloway | 14 comments

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    14 Responses to “Church Services for Natalee Holloway”

    1. William Romero on June 12th, 2005 9:31 pm

      Buenas noches, de antemano pido disculpas por dirigirme a ustedes por medio de mi Idioma que es el Espaà ±ol si de alguna manera u otra estoy ofendiendo su Idioma que es el Ingles el cualo comprendo muy bien pero se me dificulta para escribiirlo y pronunciarlo.

      Yo soy una persona oriunda de la ciudad de Riohacha capital del departamento de la Guajira ubicada en Colombia. soy residente de la bella Isla de Aruba donde ultimamente ha estado en Noticias Internacionales y Nacionales la desaparicion de Natalee Holloway lo cual lamento mucho por su familia y allegados y sobretodos sus compatriotas en mi opinion yo me atrevo a decir que ya a Natalee Holloway la encontraron o ya saben donde encontrarla y lo que estan buscando ahora es un culpable. De todas maneras me gustaria decirles que esta Ilas es muy segura y muy tranquila en 9 aà ±os que tengo residenciado a qui no habia visto algo parecido donde el nombre ARUBA apareciera tantas veces y en forma negativa.

      A los padres de Natalee quiero hacerles saber que por medio de la fe se llega muy lejos, tengan fe por que la fe mueve montaà ±as.


      Alguien que esta muy preocupado por los hechos sucedidos en esta Bella Isla.

      William Romero

    2. Minnesota Dad on June 12th, 2005 10:05 pm

      A lot of idiots have posted that “the girl is to blame”, “the chaperones are to blame” yada yada yada.

      Others have posted because Holloway is pretty and white she is getting this attention.

      The reason this is getting this attention is that this has been a major league COVER-UP to protect the son of a Dutch Judicial Minister (Judge) on the island of Aruba. This case needs the intense media pressure to continue, for without it….mark my words…the Dutch boy will be released with the statement that there is no evidence to convict.

      Think about the cover-up:
      Dutch boy is last person seen with Holloway
      Dutch boy claims dropped off at Holiday Inn
      Dutch boy claims a black security guard walked her in to the hotel
      Hotel security cameras never show Dutch boy dropping off Holloway
      Security guards state she never came back during the time periods stated.
      Two Security guards are taken into custody for murder
      Dutch Boy is never interrogated by LE
      Dutch Boy’s clothes are not confiscated
      Dutch Boy’s car is not searched until 10 days after the disappearance
      Two Security guards still held
      One of three sings like a canary and says “something bad happened” to Police Chief
      Dutch/Aruban Officials deny “something bad happened”
      Dutch Boy’s mom says the boy says he is innocent (so, I guess he must be).


      People can be killed anywhere they travel. Its how the world works and unfortunately Natalee Holloway was a statistic. But, what would be the response of an Aruban if one of their teen girl’s was last seen with an American judge’s party animal son and the girl mysteriously disappears on US soil? Then, the stories and alibi’s don’t add up and it becomes very clear that a cover-up is taking place. My guess is that there would be protests in front of the American Embassy demanding justice…not covering up for the Judge’s kid.

      BOYCOTT ARUBA!!! until the authorities there do what they need to do. Treat the Judge’s kid the same way they would treat any islander for what has taken place. md

    3. Pradeep on June 12th, 2005 10:25 pm

      I have been watching the developments so closely and it breaks my heart that there is no real development in the situation. Think of the poor parents longing deep in their hearts to know what happened to their girl. The Aruban govt is not doing anything to get things going on. This is a disgrace to the human society. Boycott Aruba!!!!!! thats what I feel about it. When countries like Aruba are kicked of the tourism thats when they will organize their goverments!!!!!

    4. Dogharp on June 12th, 2005 10:58 pm

      I agree with the above posts. My sympathies to the family members, whose grief and anxiety have been undoubtedly greatly intensified by the government’s ineptitude/deception.

      In my judgment this has become a global public relations disaster for Aruba–of the government’s own making. It appears that there is growing disbelief and dissatisfaction (anger) among Arubans and non-Arubans alike concerning the handling of this case. We want the truth about Natalee now.

      I have never been to Aruba and currently plan never to travel there. I encourage others to express their views by making alternative vacation plans. Pass the word.

      It might also be useful if US governmental representatives expressed concern about the Aruban governments’ handling of this case.

    5. DutchDad on June 13th, 2005 5:27 am

      @minnesota dad
      Do you really think we’re trying to cover this up?
      I’m Dutch and i’m ashamed for what this kid has done, and maybe our law system isn’t all that, he will be brought to justice under the Dutch law.
      We don’t care if he’s a son of a judge, when he’s guilty, we will judge him.

    6. P Kirsch on June 18th, 2005 2:06 am

      I will never spend one more penny on a trip to Aruba, due to the way their goverment has mishandled the disappearce of Natalie Holloway. Everyone here in America should boycotting Aruba. I hope they begin to feel the economic pressure soon.

      The Pres or Prime Minister there has a responsibility sir. His lack of action has caused unspeakable suffering to Natalie’s family and our country. Shame on him!

      His law enforcement clearly does not have the skills and experience to solve this case. This is unbelievable that he has not asked FBI interigators to sit in on the interigations so that we’ll get the answers from these suspects. Our FBI is more highly trained and experienced by far at the interigation process than the Arubba government law enforcement personnel.

      I believe they have a cover up going on there and that persons in their Police divisions are corrupt and complete incompetents.

    7. Common Sense in Texas on June 18th, 2005 9:50 pm

      This is a terrible tragedy, tragic for Natalie, for those who love her and tragic as well for the hard working people of Aruba.

      As Americans, we have to keep in mind that our justice system is not the only just way of dealing with such circumstances. The legal system of the Netherlands & Netherlands Antilles is every bit as evolved and as efficient as ours – or that of any developed western country. Speak to the Dutch and you will have no doubt as to their absolute confidence in finding the truth and meting out justice for crimes committed. Ask an American the same question – ask yourself if you are American — and you might not feel as confident unless you are wealthy, powerful or a public figure.

      The Dutch system is in many ways far stricter and leaves very little avenue for corruption through power or financial means. In this case for example, when someone is charged (and when the investigation is complete someone will be) there will be no jury trial. No opportunity for there to be a POSSIBLE doubt and acquittal for some frivolous reason.

      My point is this. BE PATIENT. I believe it’s only been a little over a week since this poor girl went missing. There is no cover-up. The Dutch boy’s father is TRAINING to be a judge and if you bothered to read a full article you would know he is not even allowed to see or speak to the boy. I find myself anxious to see an answer too but we are accustomed to a sensationalized dramatic story where important details are leaked to the press at every turn.

      This is not a soap opera. Perhaps others are involved and if the authorities reveal all they know it will compromise the investigation or the justice system itself. BTW, the FBI has been involved in assisting with this case and the Aruban authorities have no greater need than to have this resolved. People like the security guards initially held rely on tourism dollars to EAT so forget the boycott.

      The crime statistics are very low in the Netherlands Antilles as compared to even small cities in the U.S. The crime rate in Birmingham, AL is 1118.5 per 100,000 people as compared to the 1% murder rate in Aruba.

      Let’s all spend our energies praying for Miss Holloway and all those affected by this tragedy. Let’s hug our children and thank God they are safe. Let’s pray for and remember the THOUSANDS of people that are missing in our own country, and for the overwhelmed law enforcement agencies in our own country.

      As for those who are on a boycott: If you wish to never go to Aruba because of this crime, be ready to consider never going anywhere else either. Walking out your front door might be statistically more dangerous.

      A note to P Kirsch: It’s “interrogate” and “interrogation.” It’s embarrassing to witness a fellow American trash another country, while not bothering to be fully informed, and then showing not only their social ignorance but their lack of education as well. Pick up a dictionary Hirsh.

    8. Common Sense in Texas on June 18th, 2005 9:53 pm

      P.S. In case you wondered about there not being a trial by jury… The trial will be conducted and ultimately the judge will consider the case and render a verdict.

    9. Nathaly on June 19th, 2005 4:25 pm

      Aruba is a Dutch protectorate. With dutch laws, its not American territory and that is something that Americans will have to understand. To boycott Aruba is ridiculous because that won’t change the laws. To change it you have to knock on Hollands door. Don’t think that a boycott will make much of a difference. Aruba is a rich island, with oil from Venezuela, big companies and financiel support from the Netherlands. Furthermore Aruba will always have tourism, no matter how hard y’all try to boycott it, tourism will always be. Bot only from true Aruba lovers from the U.S but also other countries like Venezuela, Britain, Holland, Argentina to name a few.

    10. Hello on June 19th, 2005 4:30 pm

      All what president Bush is doing to the world..all the corupcy… are you all going to boycott America. Ofcourse not! So stop that crazy talk, america has done far more worse.

    11. Alabama Man on June 21st, 2005 2:33 am

      Let me say, being from Alabama I have stayed with this story all the way. It breaks my heart to know that this girl is still missing, and as much as I don’t want to say it, is probably dead. I admire the courage that her mother has shown throughout this tragedy and her will to continue.

      Although I agree that the policing techniques used by the Dutch in Aruba are westernized and better than those of the underdeveloped world, it is clear that the United States has to take a part in the investigation. Three weeks, and no progress. Too many story retractions, too many flip flops. Would this be allowed in the U.S? Absolutely not. Cars, houses, etc would have been searched no later than day two, and answers would start to be clearing up.

      Here is a probable story: Dutch boy picks up a drunk Holloway. She is probably drunk, but who on earth didn’t get drunk for their senior trip? Dutch boy, knowing his father’s status, thinks he is invincible and can get away with anything. Gets two kids to drive him around. Gets dropped off…rapes and kills her, disposes of body. Dutch boy thinks he can get away with it because of his father. And the sad thing is, it’s probably going to work out for him.

      The United States definitely needs to take on a MUCH stronger role in the case. And even though Aruba is a Dutch protectorate, as previously stated, unless progress is made in this case, they might as well shut down the tourist hotels on the island. Tourism accounts for 70% plus of this country’s economy, and this case will drop that number spectacularly. No one wants to take a vacation where someone was kidnapped and killled, and the police are tryng to protect the suspects. I am fully supporting the boycott of Aruba until something is done in this case, and if Aruba goes into a depression, so be it! The rest of AL and the U.S. have been depressed enough with this case.

    12. Vonda on June 22nd, 2005 8:44 pm

      To: Minnesota Dad

      Do you have any children?? And how would you feel if one of them took a senior trip out of the country, had chaperones etc and came up missing??

      Now what would you say? or How would you react? I know myself I would be ready to blame someone. They are not trying to cover nothing up. One of the 3 committed a crime and I would not be surpurised if all 3 had their hands in it.

      Now about this boycotting Aruba just because someone is missing is a little crazy to me. People and children go missing right here in the U.S. everyday and there’s no big media coverage and no big rescue hunt.

      Now when Amy Bradley came up missing 7 years ago she did not have this much media coverage. It’s also a black girl missing right now from S.C. and her family has been trying to get media coverage and can not get anything.

      So now should foreigners boycott the U.S.? Because we have missing, kidnapped, and a whole bunch of murders?

      I mean I really don’t care what people do but I’m going to Aruba myself in August just because someone made a bad choice does not mean people is suppose to stop living and stay up in the house looking crazy.
      that’s like being a prisioner in your own home.

    13. Common Sense in Texas on June 22nd, 2005 11:48 pm

      Tell it like it is Vonda. Enjoy your trip. Enjoy life.

    14. hopefulcanadian on July 9th, 2005 10:39 pm

      Pradeep, Minnesota Dad, and anybody else that has said to boycott Aruba is just not thinking straight.
      Why don’t we just go on and boycott Texas then??? Let’s all boycott Texas, because when Mr. Miller’s daughter was missing (head of the Texas search team) the local AMERICAN police ignored him, and told him she was a runaway. His daughter was found dead, and that’s why he started his search team. SO BY YOUR LOGIC; lets all BOYCOTT TEXAS!!!!

      Its this kind of rash, blustering attitude that has got so many countries all around the world TIRED of America constantly criticizing others; but never pointing that finger at themselves. Boycott the state that allowed Duncan the child molestor free to kindnap Shasta and kill her family. Boycott Washington where Chandra Levy the intern went missing after an affair with Gary Condit, she turned up dead, 22 months later but her case was never solved. Do you see where I’m going with this people????? THE AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM ISN”T PERFECT EITHER!!!

      GET SOME PERSPECTIVE, stop being rash, like posting comments to boycott countries for absolutely no reason, and adding to the stereotype that Americans just want to push their way into every country in the world. Arubans are donating money, taking time to search for Natalee and THIER taxes are going toward investigation and prosecution. No fighter planes would have been launched for an Aruban girl missing in Alabama, I’m sure of that.

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