The Minutemen (The Ultimate Volunteers) are Coming to the Volunteer State


After their successful campaign against illegal aliens on the Us border of Arizona, the Minute men are coming to Tennessee.

Those behind the effort say volunteers will patrol local businesses, looking for employers that are hiring people who’ve illegally crossed the border.

The US Boarder Patrol says they’ve never endorsed the activities of the Minutemen in Arizona, stressing that it’s the Border Patrol’s job to catch illegal immigrants.

Some in East Tennessee say these kinds of tactics amount to begging for trouble.

“I worry they’ll come up here and start some kind of chaos,” says Hispanic activist Luis Crespo.


It is sad that it takes the actions of caring Americans rather than politicians, both Republican & Democrat, to secure our borders. This has nothing to do with anti-Hispanic or anti-immigrant hostilities on the part of Americans. It is about ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It is sad that people opposed to the Minute men feel the necessity to harass them rather than have any form of constructive criticism. All this even after 9-11. Illegal immigrants and anyone for that matter crossing US borders freely. Have we learned nothing from the deaths of thousands of Americans?

Despite the objections, the Minutemen are moving forward. They hope to have as many as 600 volunteers in just two months.

These are the actions by Americans that represent what our country is all about. Civic responsibility to do the right thing for America rather than what both political parties seem to care about and that is to capture the Hispanic vote.

Hat Tip: PoliPundit

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    9 Responses to “The Minutemen (The Ultimate Volunteers) are Coming to the Volunteer State”

    1. Sandra on May 27th, 2005 7:29 pm

      I looked for the web page of the Tennessee MM group, but found only references to their initial statement of the project. Do you have a web address for them? I want to know the actual mechanics of their program In my state the employers aren’t just hiring illegals and paying them under the table, they are firing American citizens so that they can hire the illegals. This is having a devastating effect on families in my area.

    2. Lora on June 15th, 2005 11:29 am

      My husband and I have custody of my estranged sisters 6 year old daughter. We are happily adopting her, yet that has caused a great problem. My sister, if you will, has an illegal immigrant as a live in boyfriend (in a state paid housing development). On some of the adoption paperwork she acquired my husbands SS# and helped her illegal immigrant get a fake DL and SS card. We found this out when my husband recieved a letter stating that his DL was about to be revoked due to an unpaid speeding ticket. We have since found this immigrant got a speeding ticket in my husbands name – he also was found to work 6 jobs thru a temp service also in my husbands name. The saddest part for me is that the illegal can not speak English, and he printed my husbands name on the speeding ticket – having no proof of insurance he was still allowed to leave in the car. By the way my husbands first and middle name are Jamey Dee — enough said. He is still living in the area with my sister – in government housing – yet they can not prove that – he still has my all of my husbands information – I look forward to what he will do next.

    3. Improbulus Maximus on June 15th, 2005 1:14 pm

      Lora, your husband needs to do something about that, because I had someone using my name whenever he was arrested, and I got arrested on an outstanding warrant this other guy had when I got pulled over for a burned-out brake light one day. If you know the guy is illega, call the ICE, call the police, call the news stations, and call the Minute Men if you can. Don’t let this go.

    4. Lora on June 15th, 2005 4:36 pm

      Thank you for responding. I have spoke with the Police who claim to be able to do nothing. I am at a loss of what to do. My attorney has ran one credit check thus far and we will have to do that for who knows how long – we found out there was a Failure to Appear warrant on my husband until we proved it was not him. I have been trying to locate an attorney that would specialize in this. It really just sickens me — the feeling that we have to fix all of the problems – I wonder why the Officer ever let him go.

    5. jose feliciano on July 7th, 2005 10:56 am

      As a Puertorican living in the United States and working in the US Army, I believe that the Minutemen started as a very good initiative. But it’s not the reality that we are living now. This group was invented to help the border patrol in its fight against illegal aliens. Now it has become into a “lets look where the spics at and lets hunt them down before they multiply”. How does anyone, just by looking at me, can tell if I’m an illegal alien or a legal one? (So, to any person that just sees me in the street I can be an illegal alien taking his job). This group although it was not founded for it to be the latino KKK, it’s becoming one. It makes people fear and hate hispanic thinking that we all take others job, are drug seller, and full of hunger and ignorance that it might be contagious.

      I think that if you want the politicians in this country to do what they are suppose to do and help prevent illegal aliens to succeed in the USA, then instead of joining ranks with a hate group, contact your senator and congressman and let them know how you feel. Believe me, there is more white americans than latino americans, so your vote is even more important than ours. But hate, just generates more hate. And if you don’t want that the southern states become a battle ground of latino and black american against white americans, we need to stop the hate and use the mechanism that the constitution guarantees that will work.

      I love America and that’s why I fight against any enemy of the nation, foreign and domestic. Like me, thousands of Puertoricans and latino in general have join the ranks to defend a wonderful country that we love. More than 200 Puertoricans have lost there lives in the War on Terrorism, make them proud by defending there rights and not by making them feel like an american infection.

      G-d Bless,


    6. jim dinkins on July 15th, 2005 8:26 pm

      i agree to a point

    7. Grunt on September 14th, 2005 2:37 pm

      Hey jose,
      Great post. I like your phony indignance.
      While you are at it, maybe you can explain to us why the latino group called “Le Raza” has the motto of “Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing.”?
      Gee, that sounds full of love and peace to me!
      The Minutemen want to secure the American borders. What does Le Raza want?
      Instead of complaining here about the “evil white oppressors”, why dont you go over to the MEChA webpage and ask them why they advocate the violent overthrow (reconquista) efforts in the southwest?
      In short jose, if you want to find a “racist”, look in the mirror before you point fingers.

    8. jose on September 29th, 2005 1:50 pm

      Hey Grunt,

      I respect your point of view, and although I do not disagree with your view on those “Mexican Hate Groups”, I do disagree with your generalization on the topic. I have checked myself in the mirror, and I have never and will never dare to discriminate against anyone for their race, color, religion, etc. As a matter of fact, I’m the Officer In Charge of EO (Equal Opportunity for my Battalion).

      Now to your concerns, I know there are racist (hate) groups of all kinds. And you can find my comments on other hate groups’ website as well. Like the others hate groups, it is too easy to point the finger to a certain group and say: “Well the Latinos have a hate group, so we should have on as well”. When does it stop? When we go into a civil war? You cannot alleviate hate with hate. I do not oppose the minutemen at the border, which is a noble civil job they are doing. I oppose the minutemen groups of Tennessee and other States that do not have borders with Mexico or Canada. What is there agenda? Once again, if they are there to make sure everyone in there state is legal, why they don’t check the ID of Caucasians and other ethnic groups (believe me, there are a lot of immigrants in this country other than Hispanic).

      In the meantime, we are in a war for democracy in Iraq and a group is trying to take away or democracy and liberty by enforcing the law the way they (and only them) think is the right thing. If it is the right thing, why they don’t try to legislate it?

      My point above, wasn’t trying to point the finger at no one, it was trying to convey the message that the Minutemen in state outside the boarders with another country are trying to scare the Latino community (not only Mexicans). And as unbelievable as you might think it is, a hate group, no matter what there purpose is…is still a hate group and cannot bring solution but will bring problems to all.

      Jeez, I hope you got the message, I’m not trying to call you hater cause I don’t even know if you are part of the Minutemen in Tennessee. I’m just trying to explain that not all Hispanics are illegal immigrants and that some of us, have fought for this country in more wars that you have…so this land is your land and my land, this land I fought for you and me.

      I hope you can disseminate the difference between arguing a point and insulting someone that disagrees with your point. And by the way, did you check yourself in the mirror? Try to be part of the solution and not of the problem before the problem get so big that gets impossible to resolve.


    9. Catlady on June 23rd, 2007 2:40 pm

      I know a lot of nice Hispanics. I have nothing against the ones who are responsible, can work and support themselves, respect the US and want to assimilate including learning English. However, as I work in a hospital, every day I see almost 100% to zero (Hispanic/other races) Hispanic pregnant women with no insurance and cannot speak English. As a taxpayer, I resent the financial strain these people put on the taxpayers. I know it is their goal to take over certain areas including California by just their shear numbers. When they do this and get rid of all the rich whities, how do they think they are going to get their social and welfare programs to support them? No more whities to pay their bills and give them free benefits and medical care?

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