Birthday Party Beating; So Much For Out of Control Parents at Little League Games


We hear of the out of control parents at Little League baseball games an hockey where they just take their kids actions just a bit too serious. That is before this story where we have out of control mothers at a birthday party that thought it proper to gibe a birthday beating.

Two women received maximum prison sentences Monday for their roles in the savage beating of a 12-year-old girl at a birthday party, an attack prompted by a kiss on the cheek from a boy acting on a dare.
Monique Baldwin, 37, was sentenced to 30 years after pleading guilty in March to first-degree assault and second-degree child abuse for instigating other children at the party to beat Nicole Townes, who went into a three-week coma after the attack.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Kaye Allison said she ordered the maximum sentences to send a message that the women’s “incomprehensible” behavior won’t be tolerated.

Before sentencing, Baldwin and Keene wiped tears from their eyes as prosecutor Julie Drake recounted the beating. Baldwin told other children at the February 2004 sleepover to beat Nicole, instructing them: “Don’t stop until she bleeds.”

I am actually at a loss for words on this one. Thank God we had a judge in this case that did the right thing and put these animals away for a long time. Who thinks to do this to a child?

Dave says we exist because we exist , not to exist to justify the mainstream media.

The Lawyer is saying that the media needs the blogs to keep themselves viable.

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