Sorry folks, I understand that this is a 12-5 seed match up, but this was Yale. Yes the same Yale from the Ivy League. I don’t want to hear all the pundits suddenly saying that they saw this coming. This is Yale, all of their stats are based on playing Ivy League schools. And its their first tournament win EVER! Congrats to the Yale Bulldogs and their tremendous March Madness win. This is why it is the greatest playoff system in spite of the NCAA adding the first 4 play-in games.

With 14:29 left in the game, Brandon Sherrod took a seat on the Yale bench alongside Justin Sears. Somewhere in the Dunkin Donuts Center, expelled team captain Jack Montague sat in the stands, watching.

That trio accounts for virtually all of the Bulldogs’ leadership, not to mention three of the team’s top four scorers.

Yet with their first NCAA tournament game in 54 years in the hands of mostly underclassmen, the Bulldogs stretched their then two-point lead over Baylor to nine.

There are two ways for Cinderella to win in the NCAA tournament: Play a flawless basketball game, or play harder than your opponent.

Yale did both, which is why the 12th-seeded Bulldogs scored the first upset of this tournament, topping No. 5 seed Baylor 79-75.

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    1. Right to protest on March 18th, 2016 1:38 pm

      Usually my brackets are busted by Saturday night. Day 1 this year.
      Best player out, all non-scholarship athletes, not a single guy even got sniffed at by Baylor in HS…Gotta luv march maaaadnesssss!
      SM: Could not agree more!

      The first Thursday and Friday of March Madness is the greatest day in sports other than Super Bowl Sunday.

      There are two parts that make up MM, the top 10 or so teams that could win it all and the automatic qualifiers from the small and mid-major conferences. When you bring the big boys and Cinderella together … YOU GET MAGIC MOMENTS.

      The one gripe I have with MM is that they need to get rid of the First Four BS. There should be 64 teams, PERIOD! When a team wins their conference title, they should be in. Not having to play a play in game to get in the field of 64. Sorry, but I do not care if a team from a power 5 conference has 10 loses and a 500 record in their conference. Off to the NIT.

      I think it does a disservice to the so-called automatic bid process when its not an automatic bid. If the NCAA wants to keep the First 4 play in, then all of the teams should be at large teams, teams that won their conference, no matter how small the school or their record.


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