Gallup Poll: Most Americans Still Say They Are Better Off Than Their Parents … Might Want to Check Out that $15+ Trillion Debt



A recent Gallup poll showed that most Americans still say they are better off than their parents. REALLY? 69% of those polled said that they were better off than their parents, 29% said, not so much. Unless you are comparing your parents who lived during The Great Depression or the Carter 1970′s, the poll results are a bit hard to believe. Heck, many are not better off than I was in my mid to late 20′s. Of course those making more $’s say they are better off; however, I really wonder how much the younger folks in this survey understand the debt they owe in the future. They might be singing a different tune.

High-income Americans are significantly more likely than those with lower incomes to say they are doing better financially than their parents were when they were the same age. Still, even a majority of lower-income Americans say they are better off financially than their parents were.

Maybe Gallup should have polled the 1 year old to 10 year old demographic and the unborn who will be responsible for paying off the out of control $15 trillion (DEBT CLOCK), every growing debt run up by those who state they are better off then their parents! With this present economy, the number of unemployed, records number of food stamps, poor housing market, energy costs and the out of control federal debt, it is hard to believe how individuals think they are better off than their parents.

The fact that you have less liberties today than your parents did automatically makes you less better off than your parents.

Oh but wait according to ABC News, seniors will get an increase of $38 a month. BIG WOOP! Reason why there is an increase … inflation is on the rise.

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    One Response to “Gallup Poll: Most Americans Still Say They Are Better Off Than Their Parents … Might Want to Check Out that $15+ Trillion Debt”

    1. flippy on December 26th, 2011 1:17 pm

      Am I (at 40 years old) better off than my Parents when they were 40?

      My dad worked for the same company for his entire career. Worked hard for a company where the loyalty was a two-way street. I think, from a paycheck standpoint, I am better off than he was (adjusted for the times and all that)…but I don’t think he spent too many nights stressing out over career and money like I do.

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