Blogging of the Presidents Speech on SS and Energy; aka We report the Networks Leave


President Bush looks to clarify social security and energy plans in his address.

Now for the questions from the media:
AP - Mr. President, “Why do you beaten Laura”?

Reuters – Mr. President, “How long have you beat your wife”?

CNN – “Yeah, I thought you said you took anger management course, how long do you plan on beating Laura”?

CBS - “We have documents Sir of you admitting to beating Laura while you were in the National Guard, what is your response”?

Fox News - “How is Laura“?

UPDATE I: (Drudge) I wonder if the Networks would have done this and left early on Clinton?

UPDATE II: Wizbang has a good idea on how the White House should react to the networks. Personally, those that watched on the networks that cut away early and didn’t switch the the cable networks are just the “uniformed” anyhow.

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