Is blogging going to be regulated by FEC?


This is not necessarily a call to arms, however, we all should keep it on our radar screen. has this quote from CNET on regulating political speech on the internet.

In just a few months, he warns, bloggers and news organizations could risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign’s Web site. Even forwarding a political candidate’s press release to a mailing list, depending on the details, could be punished by fines.

There are 6 commissioners , 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. The democrats are the ones that are fighting to keep allow the government to regulate political speech on the internet.

Krempasky writes:

Make no mistake – Democrats and Republicans together got us into this mess, including President Bush – who in the most glaring example of political cowardice of his administration signed McCain-Feingold.

So hopefully the powers that be resolve this before the next cycle. If not, we are going to see an uprising amongst bloggers that will very interesting to say the least.

Update : Instapundit and Michelle Malkin are on the case.
Another Update
James Joyner at Outside the Beltway proclaims it to be another function idiocy of McCain-Feingold.

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