Zeyad of “Healing Iraq” takes a break


Zeyad is taking a break from blogging.

For over a year he has been posting in a life and death struggle. He has reported the transformation from a war zone to a new democracy. It has been a very impressive run, and I am sure it was absolutely exhausting for him.

His words:

In order not to keep people waiting for new posts, I thought I should make it clear that I won’t be blogging for a while. It’s been in my mind to take a break for some time but I decided to wait until after the elections.

I know I have been an infrequent poster at best, but I’m afraid it’s becoming increasingly difficult at the moment to devote any time to blogging. I have a few priorities in my personal life that I would like to take care of, maybe afterwards I will write again, I don’t know. In any case I will mention it here.

I wouldn’t like to describe this as a farewell post. I’m not good at these things, but I can always be reached at my email address.

Thank you all for listening and for caring.

For Zeyad to take a break I see as a great sign. It means that his world does not need to be reported constantly. There is a calm, and if there is something important that needs to be said, I am sure he will be back to writing and informing us all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Zeyad. You have done your country proud.

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    One Response to “Zeyad of “Healing Iraq” takes a break”

    1. E.Clarke on March 18th, 2005 7:55 pm

      I thank Zeyad also, I have followed his blog since the beginning, however as yet there is no calm in Iraq. The Iraqi people are really now in a fight for their “democracy”, and it is between their own factions. Not the US versus the Iraqis. As at this moment I would have liked Zeyad to convey more of his own ambitions. He is so well versed in the history of Iraq, but he never shared the dreams of his own life. He could be a leader but instead chose to sit back and make comments. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him to look out for himself and his family. I just find it strange that he chose to quit blogging after the election in which so many people in Iraq risked their lives. As I understand it he voted in Jordan. I sort of am at a loss to understand which idealogy he really comes from.

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