And They (DEMS & MSM) Said It Couldn’t Be Done


When it comes to Iraq, the ever pessimistic Democratic Party and their wanton need and desire for President Bush to fail has become a staple of the Party. They have been so wrong, so often that is has become often its difficult to keep count. No wonder no one trusts them on foreign policy. What was it that the Democrats said would never happen in Iraq?

1. Democrats said early into the war that the US military was bogged down and it would be a qaugmire.

Reality: March 19, 2003 – U.S.-led forces launch strikes on Iraq at approximately 0230 GMT.
April 4, 2003 – Coalition troops take over Baghdad’s Saddam International Airport and rename it Baghdad International Airport
April 9, 2003 – Baghdad falls to U.S. troops, but sporadic fighting continues throughout the city.

2. Democrats said that the Iraqi people would not embrace Democracy and that civil war would ensue.

Reality: Iraqis turned out in great numbers Sunday to vote in the country’s first free election in 50 years.

3. Democrats complain that delays in the appointment of Iraqi officials are a problem.

Reality: Wednesday April 6, 2004 – historic step Wednesday, electing Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as the nation’s president

Iraq’s new president, Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani, took the oath of office.

Jaafari Named Iraqi Prime Minister

The new government’s main task will be to draft a permanent constitution and lay the groundwork for elections in December

Is there anything else they would like to get wrong? We haven’t even gone in to the positive offshoots of Democracy in Iraq like the Middle East’s reaction to Syria in Lebanon and the military pullout and also the limited elections to take place in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Is it an wonder why we do not trust the Democratic Party’s vision on foreign policy? If Kerry had been elected President or George W. Bush had at all listened to MSM opinion or the Democratic in Congress, none of these remarkable and historic events would be taking place. None. That is what true leadership is made of. Tough decisions that one one stand by even in tough times. The rewards to such actions are infinite.

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