Howard Dean Says To Dems: Stop Acting Like Democrats


The outspoken DNC Chair, Howard Dean has decided that the only way for Democrats to be competitive and win is for them to stop being Democrats. In an interview today with USA Today basically stated a plan of action that included, going to all 50 states including those that Dems lost and to, get this one, “stop “speaking down to voters,” especially those with views at odds with Democratic orthodoxy — for instance, those who oppose abortion or find some popular culture offensive.” Dean also went on to say,

“Most of the people I know with children are worried about what’s on television,” he said, including the “appropriateness of time slots” for certain shows. “We need to be concerned” about that.

So let’s review Dean has promised that the Democratic Party is going to do the following:
1. Show up in Red States that Dems have no chance of winning.
2. Treat voters with respect and not talk down to them.
3. Embrace voters with ant-Democratic platform issues like abortion.
4. Embrace those who disagree with pop culture and find TV programming offensive.
5. Care about family values.

In other words Democrats will pretend to be Republicans. Where is this different message that Dean has claimed that Dems have from Republicans? Where are these ideas that Dems have? No wonder Democrats have lost election after election, they are not Republicans.

The interesting part of this is that Dean ran in the 2004 Democratic Primary as the Washington DC outsider. Dean was the candidate credited with slogan of representing “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” reflected the feeling among frustrated voters that Democrats hadn’t done enough to question the policies of the Republicans. This is the grassroots ex-Democratic primary candidate? Looks more like these days he’s representing the Republican wing if the Democratic party.

If only I believed he actually thought what he was saying was the truth; Dean would be considered a sell out. However, instead it is more likely just a lie to mislead voters into thinking that Democrats stand for something they most certainly do not.

Update: Looks like David Limbaugh has issues to with Howard Dean also.

But for Dean and the pro-aborts to pretend they’re not pro-abortion is kind of like the Dems saying they oppose the war and support the troops. Please tell the souls of the lost babies that Dean et al abhor abortion. “I don’t know anyone who’s for abortion.”

Well, Howard, I’ve got news for you. If you and your cronies do everything you can to influence the government to sanction this hideous act, you are for abortion. Try telling the radical feminists who make up a large part of your base that you’re not for abortion. I dare you to make such a sacrilegious statement at a meeting of those darlings.

You said it David. The idea that there is some change of heart by Dean and the Democrats would be almost funny if it were not just such a disgusting lie to politicize such issues. Dean was supposed to be a swing from the hip, state his mind, non-DC insider that was to revolutionize the Democratic Party. Not a typical lie at all cost for votes political whore. Oh well.

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