Isn’t The Pope Supposed To Be Catholic?


Americans have this idea that some how everything is supposed to be inclusive and all aspects of religion are to meet their standards not that they must conform to the doctrine that already exists. Also poll takers also have this fascination of developing outcome of polls to fit their agenda. According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Sunday, it would appear that Americans want the next Pope to not be a Catholic.

They want the next Pope to be like John Paul II; however, they also want the following:

Seventy-eight percent said the next pope should allow Catholics to use birth control, 63 percent said he should let priests marry and 59 percent said the next pope should have a less-strict policy on stem cell research.

Fifty-five percent said the next pope should allow women to become priests, while 44 percent said he should not. The question’s margin of error means the difference is too close to draw strong conclusions.

Folks, John Paul II was the way he was and beloved for the way he was; that was not being a liberal. It seems that James Joyner at OTB also seems to have the same fascination and sense of humor. This idea of inclusion by the West is getting to be absurd. Do American’s realize what a small percentage worldwide they are of the Catholic community? The Catholic Church is not there to allow you to feel good about every decision you make. There is a reason why these laws have been in place for thousands of years. As James Joyner stated:

While I think all these reforms would likely enhance the attractiveness of the church in the West, these traditions are incredibly longstanding and have deep theological significance.”

James references another interesting point about finding a religion that most suits one self. There is a reason by there are many types of religion and many denominations. Each split off to find their own direction and doctrine that appealed to its congregation. If the Catholic religion does not appeal to you that has stood for thousands of years than find one that does. The idea that a small group of Westerners wish to change it for their own self-serving ideals is laughable when one looks at the Global scale of Catholicism.

If one thinks it such a great idea to change longstanding traditions like the Episcopal Church did in electing a gay Bishop recently, take a look at the division that it has created where it seems the church may actually split. Yes, split. The situation still is not resolved as it has spun off other controversies.

Additionally: “The sampling error for questions posed to non-Catholics was plus or minus 4 percentage points.”


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    One Response to “Isn’t The Pope Supposed To Be Catholic?”

    1. Tomahawk on April 4th, 2005 6:40 pm

      Amen! I was so tired of hearing that the day he died. People kept talking about how the Church had to “rethink” some of its positions….they have “thought” about them for 2,000 years. It isn’t so much the idea that thoughts change (i.e. infallibility wasn’t around till 1861 or so…and priests used to marry…Peter was married) but it is the idea that change has to occur because the church has to “stay relevant”…If the Church decides to let priests marry, as I think it should – theologically – fine…but let’s not pretend the church has to change to stay relevant…the church is 100000 times more relevant than Anderson Cooper, CNN, Chris Matthews, or NOW.

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