Just Disgusting … Pope Francis Says 1 in 50 Roman Catholic Priests Are Pedophiles … Abuse of Children was Like “Leprosy” Infecting the Church



Pope Francis was quoted in an Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, that 1 in 50 or 2% of Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles. The Pope said that the abuse of children was like “leprosy” infecting the Church. However, the Vatican was quick to backtrack on the comments and say that the Pope was misquoted. What, did the Pontiff quote a higher number? At some point the Vatican is going to have to come clean and rid itself of this terrible blight. If they think its an “infection” then they best find a cure pretty damn soon.

Pope Francis on Sunday was quoted by an Italian newspaper saying that about two percent — or 1 in 50 — of Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles, but the Vatican quickly released a statement saying the pontiff had been misquoted. Church officials also said that the journalist who did the story for La Repubblica had a history of having long conversations with public figures without taking notes or taping them, and then reconstructing them from memory.

“Many of my collaborators who fight with me (against pedophilia) reassure me with reliable statistics that say that the level of pedophilia in the Church is at about two percent,” Francis was quoted as saying.

The Pope likens pedophilia inside church to ‘leprosy’.

The Pope reportedly told Italian newspaper la Repubblica that abuse of children was like “leprosy” infecting the Church.

Francis said the “corruption of a child is the terrible and unclean thing imaginable” and vowed to “confront it with the seriousness it demands”.

He said that paedophilia was unfortunately common and widespread.

“The church is fighting for the eradication of the habit and for education that rehabilitates. But this leprosy is also present in our house,” he was reported to have said.

“Many of my colleagues who are working against it tell me that paedophilia inside the church is at the level of two per cent. Among the two per cent who are paedophiles are priests and even bishops and cardinals.”

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    2 Responses to “Just Disgusting … Pope Francis Says 1 in 50 Roman Catholic Priests Are Pedophiles … Abuse of Children was Like “Leprosy” Infecting the Church”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 13th, 2014 9:11 pm

      The public has no real information regarding the percentage of priests who are pedophiles. The mistake the Church made was to insist that priests could not marry. This problem will not be solved until the rules are changed.

    2. PaMom on July 15th, 2014 9:06 pm

      To #1 ATG – Pedophiles become that way because they were molested as children. I’m not saying that all children that are molested become pedophiles. I’m just explaining how a pedophile comes to be. It doesn’t matter if they’re single or married; they molest children. I was raised by a pedophile who got away with his crimes. He didn’t molest all of his children just many of them. I wasn’t his victim, and I’m thankful for it. My brother and sisters brought this horrible truth to light, so we could stop our own children from becoming victims. We faced the beast, and it truly is an evil beast. I would also like to add something that I learned from bringing this evil into the light. Half of the girls I went to school with were molested by a family member. Evil personified.

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