BlogNashville: Making Money with Henry Copeland


Interesting introduction, had people show by hands how long they been blogging. The majority of the people have not been blogging for more than 3 years. A new avocation.

Bloggers are the Garage Bands of Journalism.

The Dental Hygienist said “Good Luck to the Flogging” to Henry Copeland

Robin Burk is talking about Blogging being the Perfect Storm, low cost tech with common people being about to talk about issues they care about. Communities form around an influencer.

The changing face of media from a monologue to a dialog

John Work is saying that there is a temporal dimension that will find a focus for a specific issue.

Glenn Reynolds feels he is an influencer.

Discussion moves over to Trey Jackson and the monetizing of video. Robin is talking about Bloggers being able to define things that Big Media is unable to recognize.

Glenn is talking about Bloggers bringing a personal voice to a story that big media can not.

David Pinto of Baseball Musing is talking about product placement in blogs. He is talking about MB being a hosting company and making money off of both sides of the equation.

A representative from a local TV station, NBC, is talking about the aggregation. BL Uckman is arguing against the idea of a unique voice.

Talking about loyalty focus and community as unique things blogs offer

People want to do business with people , not businesses. (Need Name)

Blogging has to be genuine.

A guy from an email marketer is talking about the holes in the blogging market via spoofing and spam.

Cox and Forkum’s John Cox is saying that blogging is fun. We forget that worrying about money. The bloggers that went after Rather was having fun, major media types typically do not have fun.

That is what Red and I are trying to do. Putting what we would do anyway into way that could be monetized.

Untouched niches are are the bloggers best weapon. Mainstream media can not touch that. Henry Copeland.

RSS Feed can not be measured and very inefficient. hard to keep up with everyone. fast moving discussion.

Henry in talking about the micro niches to develop the marketplace. T Shirt companies are a great example.

Eric Shay (sp) from Classical Bloggers is interested about how to bring the grass roots to the big corporations.

Robin Burk is talking about the refusal to take ads as because of conflict of interests. And what the technology enables is not the money thing but the challenges in society.

Henry asks Robin would it not be unfair for her readership to miss information that advertisers can bring.

Live Blogging is hard work. I have read people at previous conferences doing it, but I did not realize how difficult it is. Attribution is very difficult.

Great Session, Thanks Henry!

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    1. Adam Shostack on May 7th, 2005 11:52 pm

      I don’t know how you folks found time to blog all this *and* be so darned social. Nice work, and it was great to meet you both.

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