Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Says “We Need to Abolish the IRS!” at the ‘Audit the IRS’ Rally in Washington, DC



Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was on fire as he spoke to Tea Party Patriots at the ‘Audit the IRS’ rally. The fact is, he simply told the truth and spoke of an America where once the government was of, by and for the people … not against them.  Cruz wasted no time to say, the heck with auditing the IRS, it is time to “abolish the IRS.”

Cruz began by saying, President Obama needs to tell the truth.  It was wrong under Richard Nixon when he used the IRS against his political enemies and its still wrong under President Barack Obama. Cruz said, ”the IRS has no business asking any American what books they read. The IRS has no business what are the content of your prayers”. The IRS designated special code words to watch out for to target conservatives and Tea Party organizations. They looked out for words like the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Liberty, Patriot. Wow, this is still America, isn’t it? There was a time in this country when such words were used to describe our Founding Fathers, now we have a government that maliciously targets them. This is what tyranny looks like.  Cruz is 100% correct, the IRS does need to be abolished and a flat tax needs to be implemented. No government organization should ever be given this type of power and whether there be a Democrat or Republican in the White House, te IRS has proved they cannot be trusted.

“What happened with the IRS is an absolute outrage. It is an abuse of power. And it fits into the pattern of the Obama Administration of abusing government power and then misleading the American people about it. President Obama needs to tell the truth… So what’s the best solution. The very best solution is we need to abolish the IRS.”

Video Hat Tip – The Gateway Pundit

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    3 Responses to “Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Says “We Need to Abolish the IRS!” at the ‘Audit the IRS’ Rally in Washington, DC”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 21st, 2013 11:31 am

      Senator Cruz is exactly right. This agency along with about a half dozen others need to be shut down.

      This includes the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Health, NSA and the Department of Homeland Security needs to be broken into distinct segments with some being eliminated. The Department of Justice needs a thorough house cleaning too.

      Any agency that has the ability to hide their activities from the public needs to be audited from a monetary standpoint and operations procedures.

      We have a huge bloated federal government that needs to be trimmed by more than half so that it will once again respond to the people rather than the politicians.

      With the number of Socialist/Democrats making up this population, it will be a long task. The GOP needs a good housecleaning to eliminate all those who fit the RINO classification.

    2. katts on June 21st, 2013 9:00 pm

      O/T but VERY important.

      Last night FOX RINO Bill O’Rilley supported Rubio & Gang of 8 amnesty plan.
      Laura Ingrham skewers him
      Blogs kill him

      Email Your Congressmen NOW as congressional voting begins


      House of Rep:

    3. WTF: IRS Sent 23,994 Refund Checks to ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at Same Address in Atlanta and Sent 8,393 Refund Checks to Same Bank Account | Scared Monkeys on June 22nd, 2013 5:40 pm

      [...] to “unauthorized” alien workers at the same address. The IRS does not need to be audited, THEY NEED TO BE ABOLISHED!!!  This is what happens when something becomes too big and has no controls in place. For decades upon [...]

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