Arizona Police Officer Brandon Tatum … “Don’t Ignore the Positives the Flag Respresents” … “Real Heroes, When the Lose Games, They Don’t Come Back” (VIDEO)



Maybe Arizona police officer Brandon Tatum should have been the first black president. Officer Tatum makes a lot of sense and the NFL and its players would be wise to listen. Tatum slammed the NFL and its players who took a knee, “You have these people who turn around and take a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem, but don’t want to attribute the positive.”

“Listen, you play a game, this is fairy tale world. You suit up, you lose you cry, you play another game. In the real world, real heroes, when they lose games they don’t come back. The people who die for that flag, it ain’t a game. That’s real life, That’s real sacrifice.”

Now I have had enough – Why The Flag Means So Much To Americans – Full VIDEO

Arizona Police Officer Brandon Tatum:

“What does the American flag have to do with your perceived oppression? What does the National Anthem have to do wth these issues that people are bringing up? It is a separate issue. The flag and the National Anthem have nothing to do with what you are talking about. You are talking about an Anthem of hope and unity within this country that have made people become great, that have made the poor become rich and give people opportunities. You are talking about a flag that represents hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. Sacrifice. And the thing that makes me most upset is, you have these people who turn around and take a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem, but don’t want to attribute the positive. Listen, if you feel the American flag represents negativity and slavery and all this other stuff. Then you have to give credit and credence to a flag that has given you opportunity to go from corn field and picking cotton to being President of the United States of America. Going from being segregated, can’t go to proper schools, can’t vote. Taking you from that point to know you are making millions of dollars to play sports. And you know who’s watching you? White people.”

Amen brother!

NFL, you would do yourself a favor to listen to Police Officer Brandon Tatum and heed his words, the online ticket reseller TickPick told Secrets that sales have dropped 17.9 percent, far more than the usual Week Three fall.

UPDATE I: Arizona Police Officer Brandon Tatum on Fox & Friends this morning.

Officer Tatum calls what the Packers and Bears did last night in linking arms a cop out. So did the overwhelmingly majority of the fans. They put their hands over their hearts, not continuing this idiotic protest. Note to NFL, put your hand over your hears and be respectful, locking arms in some so called unity is BS. Its still protesting, just not on a knee. You are the one’s they created disunity with your disrespect of the flag and National Anthem.

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