CNBC Poll: Majority of Americans approve of Trump’s Handling of the Economy for the First Time … 54% Say Economy is Good or Excellent, Highest in 10 Year!!!



According to the most recent CNBC poll, 51% of Americans approve of Americans approve of the job in how President Donald Trump is handing the economy. This is the first time since President Trump took office that more than half of Americans approve of his handling of the economy. What is also trending positively for President Trump is is approval rating. The percentage of Americans who disapprove dropped 10 points to 47 percent, the lowest recorded by CNBC during his presidency.  Fifty-four percent say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey. The American people are beginning to realize President Trump is making America great again.


For the first time since President Donald Trump took office, the CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows more than half the public approving his handling of the economy, and it appears to be having some impact on his overall job approval rating.

The president’s economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51 percent with just 36 percent of the public disapproving, a 6 point drop from the March Survey.

His overall approving rating rose 2 points to 41 percent from the first quarter survey, but the percentage of Americans who disapprove dropped 10 points to 47 percent, the lowest recorded by CNBC during his presidency. Trump’s approval rating remains negative, at minus 6, but it’s also the lowest negative rating recorded since he took office.

And you wonder why the LEFT is freaking out and becoming even more unhinged that usual in their words and actions. Blue wave huh? I think the LEFT realized there will be no wave and they are losing their collective minds.  Trump is tending upwards as the LEFT, Democrats, Deep State and liberal media have thrown the kitchen sink at this man and Trump is getting more popular.

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