Fox News Poll: President Trump’s Economy … Record Number Rate Economy ‘Excellent’



A recent Fox News poll shows that the President Donald Trump economy is being rated positively by voters at its highest rate in nearly two decades. The economic policies that Trump has put in place are working. 40% of Americans stated that the Trump administration has made the economy better. Jobs are being created, the stock market is at record highs, unemployment is down, black unemployment at historic lows, businesses are giving employees bonuses due to the Trump tax cuts and most Americans have not even begun to see the benefits of the Trump tax cuts.

Donald Trump thumbs up

A Fox News Poll conducted at the end of President Trump’s first year in the White House finds more voters rate the economy positively today than have in nearly two decades.

And they give the White House credit for that:  nearly twice as many say the Trump administration has made the economy better than made it worse: 40 percent vs. 22 percent.  One-third says the administration has not made a difference (34 percent).

Approval of the job the president is doing on the economy is above 50 percent for the first time.

Trump economy

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    One Response to “Fox News Poll: President Trump’s Economy … Record Number Rate Economy ‘Excellent’”

    1. Ronald J. Ward on January 26th, 2018 4:42 pm

      Fox and Trump seem to have forgotten to tell us about the massive layoffs from ATT, Kimberly Clark, Carrier, Walmat’s Sam’s Club, that coal didn’t rebound, the retail world, and so on.

      There are 2 things wrong with the Fox News analysis. 1) Donald Trump, the sole promoter of his own accomplishments, is inarguably a serial liar. 2) Fox News is a known propaganda mouth piece for Donald Trump
      SM: Really dude, YAWN. Don’t be a hater. Its really sad that you cannot give some one their due, just because you dislike them. The reality is that ALL people, black, white, Hispanics, LEFT, RIGHT, Conservatives and Liberals have benefited under Trump. Seriously, you need to get a grip.

      More than three dozen of the biggest American companies have shared their tax-cut windfalls with employees, mostly through one-time bonuses but also with hourly wage increases and bigger 401(k) matches following the new tax law passed in December.

      The latest big names to say they will share some of the financial benefits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with workers are package delivery giant FedEx and Honeywell, an industrial company. On Friday, FedEx said it was boosting employee compensation by $200 million, two-thirds going to wage increases for hourly workers and the rest to performance-based incentive plans. Honeywell said it would boost its 401(k) match.

      These announcements follow similar moves by employers such as Home Depot, Walmart and Walt Disney.

      Overall, the new tax law, which slashed the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35%, is seen boosting the profitability of large U.S. companies by an additional 8% this year, according to Credit Suisse.

      Alaska Airlines
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 19,000

      American Airlines
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 130,000

      Bonus: $2,500 in company stock
      Employees getting bonus: most of 138,126 employees worldwide

      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 200,000

      Bank of America
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 145,000

      Bonus: $1,200
      Employees getting bonus: 27,000

      Citizens Financial
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 12,500

      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 100,000

      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 4,500

      Discover Financial Services
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 15,000

      Bonus: NA
      Employees getting bonus: NA

      Fifth Third Bank
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 13,500

      Hartford Financial Services
      Bonus: $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: 9,500

      Home Depot
      Bonus: $200 to $1,000
      Employees getting bonus: Vast majority of 40,000

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