CNN Admits Air Force Hate Crime was “Unfortunately” Faked & a Hoax (Video)



Racial slurs are obviously hateful. Those that do them are ignorant fools who deserve out scorn. However, sadly we are presented yet again with another fake news story passed off as a “hate” crime. It was not a hate crime, it was a hoax.  This past September the liberal MSM went insane after five black students reported racial slurs posted outside their dormitory rooms at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The liberal media was all too quick to jump on this story, because it fit their narrative. America is racist. President Trump is racists, blah, blah, blah. The incident caused the Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria to deliver a powerful speech after the reports to all 4,000 cadets at the academy denouncing racism. The speech told the racists responsible for these slurs “to get out.”

Guess what, the incident was a hoax, it was fake news. CNN admitted on Thursday the the much reported Air Force hate crime was a hoax by a black student at the academy. Imagine that? So sorry the liberal media had to eat crow once again.

Racial slurs posted outside the dorm rooms of five black students at the Air Force Academy were written by one of those students, the school said Tuesday.

The announcement was a jarring turn in an episode that prompted the academy’s superintendent to warn students that racists were not welcome at the school — a speech that attracted nationwide attention.

The student is no longer at the school, the academy said. A spokesman declined to say whether the student withdrew or was expelled, citing privacy laws. The student’s name wasn’t released.

However, what is mystifying is the actions by the Air Force General after knowing that the slurs were a hoax. He still went along with his previous comments. Puzzling indeed … For the record– Air Force Social Justice Warrior, General Silveria, stands by his earlier lecture. Huh? Well no duh racial slurs are repugnant sir, but there were none legitimately done at the Air Force Academy. It was a hoax.


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    One Response to “CNN Admits Air Force Hate Crime was “Unfortunately” Faked & a Hoax (Video)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on November 13th, 2017 4:12 pm

      The reporters at CNN were looking for a “Scoop” story that fit a racial slur. Unfortunately for them, it was a setup by a black student who had an agenda.

      With the social media access of today, all such stories should be investigated prior to regular commercial meda reporting it.

      What was the reason behind the activity at the school. Were the students failing and this was done to misdirect the failure? Only the students and the Air Force Academy know.

      A lot of this activity at schools is caused by affirmative action students who are given extra points to racially balance the population. These students do not qualify under standard testing and should not be admitted. Affirmative Action is reverse racial discrimination. It cheats those that do qualify out of an opportunity.

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