Sean Hannity 6/12/2017, Witch Hunt Against President Trump, Conflict of Interest ….



Isn’t and independent investigation supposed to be independent of conflicts of interest, impartial and fair?

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    2 Responses to “Sean Hannity 6/12/2017, Witch Hunt Against President Trump, Conflict of Interest ….”

    1. kashekamon on June 13th, 2017 2:53 pm

      The Democrats have become a Klu Klux Klan political party that want to destroy our country through sabotaging our President. We shouldn’t recognize them or allow them as a party of people that can hold positions or make decisions concerning our country. It’s been nothing but vicious attempts to destroy when there’s no evidence of any wrong doings, just made up nonsense creating a cloud of smoke to cover-up the real issues they are guilty of, and as usual, wasting more money and putting us deeper in debt by funding their lynch mob trash.

      obama has done some terrible things to America, his leadership alone stoking rebellion against the Constitution, treason, supporting crime, releasing criminals, breaking his oath of office over and over, lying, cheating, deceiving. He has caused a lot of hatred and disrespect for our country, here and abroad. He should be investigated, prosecuted for his crimes and his pension revoked.

    2. kashekamon on June 14th, 2017 10:40 am

      If you want your business to survive and help our economy get back on it’s feet don’t hire a Democrat, at least not for a prominent position of decision making, give them the ditches to dig or pick up our garbage, their opposed to allowing our President to successfully rebuild our country and regrow our economy; their certainly not capable of accomplishing anything constructive. They interfere and try to obstruct anything positive. This country doesn’t need their sick liberal destructive minds.

      We also don’t need senators like Kamala Harris who disrespect the position they hold by being rude, arrogant, undignified, grossly obnoxious, a hyper-leftist who tries to silence the truth and falls on her face because her behavior needed to be corrected as she questioned Sessions.

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